Sunday, February 26, 2006

Getting Whacked!

Wah lau eh! I didn't expect to see those type of messages in my comment box. I should have expect that these things will happen. I hope that it will not turn into chaos like the OSK forum.

Did I get whacked? Nolah, I only have a very small exposure to the chicks. For counters that didn't perform, they have not performed since day 1 I bought them. I give them a little bit of time, and if still not moving, out they go. Got to do "spring cleaning" now and then.

Talking of getting whacked, I meet 2 person that are out of the stock market since the last mini bull of 2001. They really got whacked, lose shirt and house! I talked to them, and the reasons I gather is:
- no system, just hamtam
- no cut lost

They were earning money here and there during the bull. One day can earn thousands. But when the party was over, they didn't believe it and still keep playing. The end result? They were out for good.

So after the CNY rally, we should have earn something. The important this is not to get complacent. If you let out your guard for a minute, you will get whacked.

What's the play for March? Sarawak election? Oild and gas still on? How about plantations? CPO seems to be going up.

Aiyoh, not easy to make money trading stocks. You need to strategize, think, act, think, plan, act is endless. No wonder playing stocks part time is dangerous. You got to go fulltime. You need to think like the professionals. To become an engineer, you need 4 years of basic course and countless experience. To become a doctor, you need 6 years of basic course and countless experience. So does in becoming a trader. The only difference is there is no course for you to attend. The tution fees are the losses that you paid to the market. It is trial and error until you get it right. And if you ran out of capital before getting it right, then you are forever out of this game!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Range bound trading?

My reading of the technical charts for KLCI is rangebound. No up, no down. If this is the case, then the play for speculative counters will keep going on.

I didn't do much activities during the past 1 month as I'm having limited access to the Internet. No time even to update this blog.

Still holding a few counters. Constantly looking for better technical indicator to decide whether to sell a counter or not.

Looks like it is easier to buy, but harder to sell.

Currently reading Stock Market Wizard.