Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bye bye 2005

Time flies, this is my 4th year in share trading and this is the worst year I had. I guess you can say that I'm in my own mini-bear situation. Many stocks that I had has reduced in value like the great Malaysian sales. Playing in 2nd or 3rd liner and warrants is a dangerous game. Dreams are shattered. Wounds are so deep it will take some time to heal.

I have change a lot since I first buying share. I started out as an investor. Turn greedy and becomes a speculator, suffered tremendously and now slowly becoming a smart trader.

I was out of work for a few months, it was a blessing in disguise. It gave me time to think what have gone wrong. I found out that it was due to a combination of wrong techniques, false hope, couldn't sit tight, short sightedness and refusal to cut lost. I guess that I was lucky as I didn't go bankrupt. I considere myself to be lucky as I found a technique that suits my style before all my capital is depleted. So now I'm crawling back, slowly getting back the capital that has been lost.

How effective is my new found technique? Well, lets see
Closed out winners: RHB, Carotech, Huatlai-WA
Closed out losers: Timecom, OSKvi, THGroup-WA, Carotech, MBFCorp
(I didn't list out losers that are due to previous bad techniques)

The amount won is slightly more that the amount lost. Well, I consider this to be good as the KLCI index has been sliding during the time I used this new technique. I have learn how to cut lost and now it seems that I'm already numb to it already. Bad trades are just like a organ with cancer, you cut it off so that it won't effect other parts (which is your ability to trade)

I'm still holding:
D&O (slightly negative, not yet reach cut lost)
Kurasia (enough to pay commission)
MTDInfr-WA (threatening my cut lost level, but still believe in my analysis)
Flonic (above breakeven)

Well, it is still a long way to becoming a good trader. I have no sifu, so everything have to learn from books. Currently reading two great books:
Market Wizards: Interviews With Top Traders by Jack D. Schwager
Trading Rules: Strategies for Success by William F. Eng

Very interesting books both of them. One new thing that I have learned from the book by Eng is that every trade is consits of 3 parts: analysis, execution and management.
Well I give myself a B in analysis, C in execution and a D in management.

That's why I missed out in Farmbes, LHH and should have earn more in Huatlai-WA.

Okailah, Happy New Year to whoever that is reading this. May we have better harvest in 2006.

Friday, December 23, 2005

LHH, Huatlai-WA, Flonic

I took the oppurtunity to sell Huatlai-wa. My intepretation of the chart does not indicate that it will go higher that 0.285. In fact 0.255 is the maximum retracement level before continuing down to under 0.20. I may be wrong. I realised that the mother share volume is too low for me to make any conclusion as it can be easily manipulated.

The movement of Huatlai is almost random. This chicken just jump here and there. I'm tired of this type of movement. Cannot analyse it properly, so better stay out :p (until better volume)

In contrast of Huatlai, LHH zoom up again. This chicken can really run fast. If you have tried to catch an actual chicken, you'll know that chicken can run really fast. The best time to catch 'em is in the evening when they are going to bed. It's my fault for not monitoring closely this counter when it was still not running. Anyway, it gap up and overbought now. If there is a correction to close the gap, then I will try to catch it. Otherwise, just forget about it. The risk is too high as I cannot set a proper stop level.

Concerning Flonic, looks like there is strong support for this counter and with good chance it can reach 1.00 (the actual target is 1.03 based on Elliot Wave + Fibonacci)

Talking about Elliot and Fibonacci, I just (actually yesterday) noticed that if the waves are formed properly, then with high percentage it follows the Fibonacci computed target (=- a few cents). Amazing isn't it? I guess the big boys are using it.

Oh yes, I finally understand Elliot wave theory. Still not good in drawing extended wave, but only the basic waves. I guess that it will increase my chances in share trading.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Huatlai, LHH, Impress, Flonic

I'm changing my chicken target. Huatlai seems to have broke the uptrend support. So time to get out from my Huatlai-WA. But I just notice another chicken may be running: Leong Hup (LHH). LHH may be in the process of carving out Wave 3 with a possible target of RM1.75 (ok...I finally understand the elliot wave target :p). Is LHH moving up because of increase in chicken price or due to the private placement?

Impress got my attention also. Currently overbought based on daily charts. Waiting for the correction to enter.

Meanwhile Flonic closed lower today. RM0.90 could be the end of Wave 3 with correction to follow soon. Daily RSI is overbought. If it is possible to overcome RM0.90, then expect it to hit RM1.00.

Other counters that I am watching are OSK, Iris and N2N.

Merry Christmas to all that are reading this!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

D&O and Flonic

These are electronic sector counter. Read reports that the world electronic industry is reviving.

From my intepretation of the chart for both counters, they are still in uptrend. D&O may be experiencing some consolidation now but long term prospect still good. Most probably good support at 0.50 region. The movement of this share is extremely slow. So lots of patience are needed.

For Flonic, it is in uptrend since day 1. The price keeps increasing even though the directors are reducing their stake. An entrapment?

Monday, December 19, 2005


The "syndicate" is ruthless. The warrant price has been pushed down with great speed and I have no time to react to it. If I use the Elliot wave count, then the warrant high of 0.285 may be the end of the uptrend. It hit my stop lost and thus I have reduce some of my holding. I wished that Bursa Malaysia will implement an auto stop lost system so that speculators can have better reactions. Anyhow, I will sell the rest during the bear rally.

Huatlai seems to be resting at the uptrend channel drawn from 0.69. Since the daily MACD has moved into negative territory, I do not expect it to go higher in this week. However, if it can still close above 0.90 during this month, I will restrategize my plan for Huatlai-WA

The whole market behaving badly. Any rally should be treated as a bear-rally and it is a good oppurtunity to sell off losing shares.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


[The chart will be posted when I can get proper access of the blog]

Seems like it has formed the reverse H&S formation and has broken out of the neckline. Closing above 1.00 will confirm the breakout. If close above 1.00, the price target will be 1.15/1.65. Daily RSI still not yet overbought but above 60. I expect more upside. Weekly RSI is still below 60. Thus, it is still too early to say that trend change has occurred but I’m betting on it to go higher. Immediate support is at 0.90.

Now, if the above happens, then my focus will be Huatlai-WA (RM1.00/ 27 Mar 2010). Weekly and daily chart says it is very overbought. If Huatlai can reach it’s price objective, then the warrant objective can be anywhere from 0.40 to 0.90. Immediate support is at 0.20.

Will this coming Chinese New Year, “huat” will “lai”?

I have some open position. My strategy is to add some more when Huatlai closes above 1.00.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Frequency of Trading

Well, sometimes I get a comment on why there are no updates for my blog.

The truth is with the system I'm using, there is hardly many counters for me to trade. That's why sometimes I don't have anything to blog about. I have found that by identifying which counter not to trade, I would have save myself the trouble of losing my money to the market and to my broker.

Trading less has it's benefits. It is less stressful. It gives you more time for yourself. That's what we want in life isn't it? We want to be free from the daily chores. We want to play golf, watch a movie or be with our family when everyone else is chasing and back stabbing in the crazy rat race. That is what I want in life.

So trade less and enjoy life!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cut cut cut

I cut cut cut. Last week was bloody bad. What to do? Carotech, MBFCorp and Thgroup are out. They are not behaving as I expect them to do.

My analysis says CPO price going to drop. So plantation stocks will suffer.

New found target: Huatlai-WA. Another chicken run?

Added some Mtdinfr-wa. Capital announcement out. But price did not jump. Aiyah, how to sell?

Kurasia still behaving as it should.

OSKvi rallies after 10 days I sold them. Sial!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Kurasia, Timecom, Oskvi

Kurasia: Looks like it has broken out from the falling flag formation. Daily and weekly indicators are positive. Good chance of going up higher. Strong buying volume (10,000 & 5,000 lots transaction) last week – is this an illusion or real fund buying?

Timecom: I have sold out Timecom with a lost after the weekly MACD drops into negative territory. My interpretation of this event is that more downside is to be expected. So finally acted on my mistake.

Oskvi: I have sold out this counter with a lost after the weekly MACD also drops into negative territory. My speculation was correct concerning the push up before the share consolidation but my poor execution of running away after it was relisted spell my doom (I was hoping for better price!).

Friday, November 25, 2005

Trust No One!

Can you trust analyst report and financial news articles. Definately a big NO!

Read the story at

I think that a law must be enacted to prevent the same company that manages unit trust/brokerage to issue analysis report on Bursa's company. This people have hidden agendas. For their unit trust funds to perform, they need to sell it higher than their cost. Well, if all unit trust are equal, who will buy from them? The foreigners are too smart. This left the retailers. I got caught with Ghlsys and Novamsc based on their so-called "professional" report.

Well, never again! Their always positive reports definately will make you feel positive, pushing your inner self to buy. And wham...the next thing you know, the stock is at the tail-end of an uptrend. And you hope and hope that you can break even....until it becomes another expensive toilet paper.

So, stop reading analyst reports especially those from brokerage firms with unit trust funds.

As I learn from the X-files: Trust No One.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Water Related Counters

My opinion on water related counters:

Salcon: Based building. Possibly end of downtrend. But no signals yet.
Puncak: Still in downtrend.
PBA: Still in downtrend.
Rubhd: Still in downtrend.
Jaks: Still in downtrend.
Hiaptek: Still in downtrend.
YLI: Still in downtrend.

So no trading opportunities on water related counters. Just keeping an eye on Salcon as it is the most promising one. Will the promise of China oppurtunities brings profit to this counter?

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Waiting Game

Waiting for my counters big move. So when will it happen? I missed out Farmbes, bad decision on that. Now I can only look as it rises as I dare not chase after it as both the daily and weekly RSI are overbought.

So I can only wait for my Carotech or Thgroup or Timecom to move.

Timecom seems to be hanging at the monthly support line. If the MACD deteriorate further, I will have to take a lost.

Still waiting...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

More and more bulls

The number of bullish counters that I am monitoring are increasing. They are:
Jobs, Carotech, Gpacket, Farmbes, Thgroup, Timecom, Spoly, Kbes, Kurasia, LKT, Iris

They are in various stages of the bull.

I missed out on Farmbes. But I am in Carotech, Thgroup-WA, Timecom.

If Nov 18 is the day the CI truely moves away from 890 level, then from my chart reading, we may see the index challenging 860 once more. And if it is able to break away from that level, then we will see a super-bull. If it breaks 890, then we shall see 860 once more.

The important thing is to be on the right side of the trend.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Number Theory

Chinese believe that certain number signify certain meaning. 4 signify death, 8 signify prosperity.

The CI continues to drop until Nov 14 which was at critical level support of 890. Well the date can also be written as 1114. In Cantonese it means “every time die”. Luckily it didn’t drop more than that.

On Nov 18, it rebounded to above 900. If you write it as 1118, then it means “every time prosperous”.

Are you superstitious on number? Well Bursa Malaysia’s counter code is 1818, and it was listed on March 18, 2005. Hmmm…..

Anyhow, is today the beginning of year-end rally?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Banking Sector

The banking counters do not look good. These are my interpretations of the charts:
Affin: Broke monthly support, in the beginning of downtrend. If 1.48 failed to hold, then going into the abyss.
AMMB: In downtrend mode since March 2004. No sign of bottoming yet.
Commerz: Still in uptrend mode, but consolidating now. Possible support at 5.00
EONCap: No opinion
HLBank: Beginning of downtrend. Monthly support broken.
Maybank: In consolidation, still within uptrend support range but may be the beginning of downtrend. Monthly H&S formation.
Mplant: In consolidation, still within uptrend support range but may be the beginning of downtrend. Monthly H&S formation.
PBBank: Within uptrend support. In consolidation.
RHBCap: In uptrend but not much strength.
Sbank: In long term uptrend but currently indication consolidation time.

I’m staying out of banking counters as the charts are all not favourable and do not indicate a rally in the near future.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

I'm rereading this book for the 3rd time. I didn't give much thought on Jessy Livermore's thoughts in the previous reads until I found a website discussing it at There are 8 articles in it (

This is a very good book which I think all traders should read and analyse it.

Now, I think is a good time to make up my own notes.

Chapter V, Page 68:
"...big money was not in the individual fluctuations but in the main movements - that is, not reading the tape but in sizing up the entire market and its trend."

This is where Jesse Livermore was trying to solve his problem of earning peanuts when he should be earning the big money as his bet was obsolutely correct. Seems like all traders face this same problem.

"...The market does not beat them. They beat themselves, because thought they have brains they cannot sit tight."

You know it is uptrend, your analysis is correct, but you jump in and out trying to squeeze every cents out of it. Your plan is to buy on dips and sell on rallies. But sometimes, that dip never comes and you missed out that really big rally!

"...Disregarding the big swing and trying to jump in and out was fatal to me. Nobody can catch all the fluctuations. In a bull market you game is to buy and hold until you believe that the bull market is near its end."

So be patience and sit through the bull! You are not psychic. Stop looking at the computer screen every minute. Trade less. You do not have to pay your remisier his salary. You should only buy on pullback to increase your position. Why? It's not easy to pick a winner, so when you have a winner, add your position until the end of the road. And when you decide that the end of the road has come, then sell off all. Furthermore...

"...One of the most helpful things that anybody can learn is to give up trying to catch the last eighth - or the first. These two are the most expensive eighths in the world. They have cost stock traders, in aggregate, enough millions of dollars to build a concrete highway across the continent"

You will never be able buy at the lowest or sell at the highest. If it is the lowest or the highest, then it is pure luck. You best bet is to ride on the trend when it has been established and to sell when the trend is showing signs of reversing. There is not point of trying to catch the best price. What is 1 or 2 cents when the big moves are coming? So buy and sell without hesitation. You must have the confidence of acting on your analysis.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Thou Shall Not Hope!

In stock trading, either you are right or you are wrong. There is not such thing like 'hope'.

I knew that I was wrong in buying Sunrise based on technical analysis. This stock is still in downtrend. But I 'hope' that it will go higher. That is why I didn't cut my lost when it bounce up to 1.50. I was 'hoping' of breaking even. It didn't happen. I continue it's journey down. Eventually I have to cut it at 1.39. I could have reduce my lost but I 'hoped'.

When the chart says that we are already dead wrong, we still refused to accept it. Hoping that it will turn around favoring our position. This is not good for a trader. Either you are right about the trend or dead wrong. There is nothing in between.

When I enter a trade and start hoping that it will turn into a profit, then I know that I'm in a bad trade. When I starting to 'hope', that means that my analysis is wrong and I should cut lost fast.

Easier said than done. The ego in us will prevent us from admitting our mistakes. This may cost us our precious capital. But mistakes are common. If you read Daryl Guppy's book, then you will know that the A+ traders are only right in 70% of the trades done.

So stop hoping. If you are wrong, you are wrong, get out, learn your mistake, find another trade and make money!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Looks like consolidation is over and continuing the uptrend. Buy signal triggered.

Carotech Resuming Uptrend

Completed 50% retracement at 0.58. Buy signal triggered. Looks like it is resuming the uptrend. Possible target of 0.94/1.29

Monday, October 31, 2005

Oil & Gas Counters

I missed out the O&G rally two years ago. I was just starting to trade then. Never have the guts of chasing shares and was a believer of buying when the price was falling.

The world oil price is fluctuating around USD60. So what's up with our O&G counters?

KNM: Weekly chart shows that it is consolidating. Possible support at 3.00.
Perisai: Sideways.
Ramunia: This one I intepret it as end of bull-run and possibly into consolidation with downside bias. Maybe support at 1.00. It was unable to crack 1.25, forming a double top.
Sapcres: Slowly going down. Avoid!
Scomi: Slowly going down. Avoid!
ScomiMR: Downtrend share. Avoid!
Shell: Uptrend share. In consolidation now. Support at 10.00?
Sumatec: Slowly going down. Avoid!
TgOffs: Uptrend share. Slowly going up. Where can enter ler?
Waseong: Sideways.
Oilcorp: This one oil or fish-oil counter? Anyhow, this one got potential. Currently in consolidation and trading near the possible support of 0.66.

Starting to make mistakes again!

Not a good week for me. The number of mistakes are increasing. Mis-intepreted Farmbes and Timecom. Poor choice on Mbfcorp. Cut lost on Sunrise.

Now looking at Carotec. Maybe the low of 0.58 is the end of correction period. 2 white candles in a roll is a good sign. Wait for T+4 signal to see whether selling pressure will reemerge.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mesdaq Counters

This is the weekly chart for the Mesdaq market. High of 170 during July 2003 and starting to slid from April 2004. Going back to square one. The monthly MACD is improving. Maybe in 3 to 6 months we will see the bottom. Just maybe……All the Mesdaq counters that I am monitoring is still in downtrend, except for some: Carotech (consolidation), Gpacket (toppish?), Gdex (toppish?), Jobs (uptrend).

Property Counters

This is the weekly chart for the Property Index in Bursa Malaysia. The peak is March 2004. It is still in downtrend and making new low. Still cannot see the bottom. Will avoid all property counters from now onwards, as fear of interest rate hike will affect the sales of property, depressing earnings.

For past mistakes, I have to turn it into “long term” investment lor.


Finally sold out Sunrise with a lost :((

Even with 12 cents dividend coming this November, it is still sliding down slowly. Weekly MACD going into negative zone, this means more downward pressure. Not sure whether the share buyback will stop it or not.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Farmbes, Timecom, MBFCorp, RHB, Carotec, S

What a busy week for me. I was practically not in the market as I was away in Europe for a job interview. So no feelings for any of the blood bath in the market. Anyway, if the market didn’t come down, who will be the greater fool to buy it at a higher price from us?

Farmbes: Didn’t buy because it is not within my buying range. A double top at RM1.02 region? Since the weekly candle is no good, I think that a good entry will be at 0.85-0.90 (if it do continue upwards).

Timecom: Did not cut lost yet. Weekly chart shows that consolidation may be over.

MBFCorp: Still holding. Hard to play penny shares as the trading range is too narrow.

RHB: Back to square one. No signals yet.

Carotech: Daily reversal candle with volume. RM0.62 has been holding well for 3 days. Consolidation over? Weekly chart no more overbought.

Sunrise: Looks like rebound is over. Still in downtrend. Going to exit this counter soon.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Will it be pushed up before the dividend (12 cents) ex-date? Weekly has flashed a buy signal but daily not yet. I bought this one in August after reading some buy call from one of the brokerage (stupid of me for buying so fast) I'm hoping to get something out of this counter. Downtrend resistance at 1.60. So must watch carefully if the price can reach that region. Property counters are not doing well now. Will this counter go against the wind?

Entry: 1.535, 1.45


Resuming the uptrend. Daily/weekly/monthly all positive. This is a speculative counter. Old name is Sinmah. Chicken business. Very high risk. Bird flu can crash it anytime. Berani tak?

Friday, October 14, 2005

PECD, MBFCorp, MTDInfr-WA, RHB, Carotec

PECD: Aiyah, I missed this one. Queued at 0.50 and tak dapat. Try to safe 5 cents lor :p Weekly chart still say up. But daily chart says consolidation. I'm not sure what to do with this one. I give it a passlah.

MBFCorp: Got some at 0.065. Weekly and daily chart still okay. So do nothing. Not much bullet left lor.

MTDInfr-WA: Still in consolidation. Maybe action next week if MTDInfra starting to move again.

RHB: Still in consolidation. Wait for clearer signals to reenter (if got)

Carotec: Weekly candle no good. Consolidation time after an overbought condition. Maybe support at 0.60?

Saturday, October 08, 2005


I think that someone is pushing this stock price down so that "they" can get it cheaper. Today's Bizweek from Star has an article about MTDInfr-WA exercise price that was published wrongly in many publications. I think this is it, the push down and promotion are all "interlinked". Looking for the push towards 0.40 now.

From the chart, it is still in consolidation mode. But the bigger trend is up.

Friday, October 07, 2005


I bought it at 0.64. Bad move because the daily MACD is negative now. So expecting a consolidation next week. The weekly candle is not a definite sell yet. I set the cut lost level at 0.58. What to do when you have entered wrongly?

Entry: 0.64


I have no idea what is this company's business. Anyhow, the daily and weekly chart also flash a buy signal. Should I jump into it? Play small small can kua.


This one starting to move again. It is a construction counter with lots of project in the Middle East. Construction counters are performing badly due to the lack of projects and thinning profit margin.

Daily and weekly chart flash a buy signal. Will it be able to break the downtrendline? Is this for real?

Timing Problem & Proposed Solution

I really have timing problem. With RHB, I'm too slow to take profit. With Carotec, I'm too fast with it. So what's the problem with me? Am I destined to be poor as the big profits always elude me?

I think I know why. I'm too fast in adding new positions. To prevent from losing the additions that I made, I exited to protect it.

I scan back the historical charts and notice that an uptrend stock will go up for 2-6 months. Everyday looking at the screen, expecting actions is very bad for trading.

So now, I will limit myself to maximum 1 trade per counter per week. All trades will be based on the weekly chart. If there is a buy/sell signal, then the trades will be done on Monday morning. For buy trades, the stop will be set on the previous week lowest price (in case my bet goes wrong).

I will stick to this rule unless I it is found to be unsuitable. So lets see how good will this turn out to be. Wish me luck!

Exit Carotech

The daily and weekly indicators are very overbought, I decided to exit completely as oil is dropping towards the USD60. Will the biodiesel rally fizzle out if oil price crash? Today it rallied above 0.70. It's just not my luck to make this profit. Just earn a small profit for this counter.
Entry: 0.395, 0.585, 0.63 and 0.675
Exit: 0.645, 0.66

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

RHB, Carotech, Timecom, MTDInfr-WA

RHB: Finish exiting from RHB, maybe prolong consolidation now? I don't now. Only gain 10% profit. So miserable. Need to fine tune my profit taking strategy. Still looking for the right answer.
Entry: 0.595, 0.645, 0.715 and 0.905
Exit: 0.79, 0.775, 0.825

Carotech: Okie, trying out my new profit taking strategy with this counter. Weekly and daily RSI all overbought. Will it be pushed above 0.70? If I am right, maybe wave 5 has terminated at 0.69. That's why I took partial profit. I'm not so sure yet. May have to exit completely if it cannot overcome 0.70. But will not add in any more positions.
Entry: 0.395, 0.585, 0.63 and 0.675
Exit: 0.645

Timecom: Continuing the uptrend? Weekly RSI at 64, target 0.76? Play play a little bit. If up again, will add again.
Entry: 0.64

MTDInfr-WA: Still trading at a discount! Why? I think I know why: The Edge got it's exercise price wrong. They put 1.00, but in fact it is 0.80 after capital repayment at the end of 2003. Is it safe buying now? Hmmm....hard to say, MTDInfr looks like in consolidation mode now. Support maybe at 1.15, unless MTD keeps buying MTDInfr.
Entry: 0.285 (twice), 0.32 and 0.345 (twice)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The lowest or the best chance?

I once told a friend that once a stock starts moving up, then we should hop into it to ride the momentum. My friend says it is too dangerous, better buy when it is low. I understand his statement, he wants to earn the highest percentage. The problem is how do you know that the current price is the lowest? Can you be sure that it will not continue rolling downhill?

There is only 1 way to make money in Malaysian stocks, that is when the stocks going up. Then only you can sell at a higher price. You can't short a stock as it is illegal. That means you need to identify a stock that is going up in the early stages.

How to identify a stock that will continue to go up? You may be scare that it is only a rebound and will then continue down. Yes, fear if you do not understand the characteristics behind the movement of every stocks. That's why we need to learn technical analysis. Why does technical analysis works? Because the professionals are using it. The action of these people that moves the stock. These are the people that buy in large quantity.

So, I think that we should stop fishing for low price stocks. Instead, we should jump into a stock when it shows the odds of rallying further. Buy high, sell higher. Then only we can make money.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Exiting RHB

RHB has just pierce through my stop of 0.80. Should have not add in extra position at 0.905. I need to fine tune my exit strategy. Big profit becomes small profit. Oh well, at least I still have my original capital. Will try to sell all tomorrow.

Entry: 0.595, 0.645, 0.715 and 0.905
Exit: 0.79, 0.775

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Carotech Wave 5?

Wave 3 was propelled by bio-diesel. Then the next one by news of 3-for-5 bonus. Is this the last of wave 5? Will it be pushed to above 1.00? I just don't know.

My entry: 0.395, 0.585, 0.63

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Weekly RSI has hit a new high at 64. I’m expecting more upside. No plans yet to add in more position.

My entry: 0.285, 0.32 and 0.345


Not yet time to move up. This is another so-called good Mesdaq counter. The floor looks like infested with anai-anai.

My entry: None


I suffer a lot with this counter, bought at 0.60(pre-BI)/0.38/0.33/0.21 and it is still dropping. Lesson learned: study technical analysis to time your buying even though it is fundamentally good. I sold off my right issues, as I see no point of adding in more position until the stock shows signs of reversing. Never catch a falling knife and beware of the unseen anai-anai. And also remember to cut lost when the odds are against you!

My entry: 0.60(pre-BI)/0.38/0.33/0.21

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Sold a few counters with loss: Plus-CA, Quest, Sumatec as they do not exhibit the bull patterns that I'm looking for. However, Quest later shows some signs of developing into a winner (or maybe a rebound). It's still too soon to tell. I have used the money to buy other counters.

Another mistake is that I add too soon my position on RHB. Should have waited longer.

I'm still following Carotec, RHB, Oskvi and Mtdinfr-WA. Will sell/buy when there is signal.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fear and Greed

RHB is in consolidating mode. I was tempted to lock it part of my profit in the morning. But greed stop me from doing it. As the price keeps drooping, I then fear the lost of my profit. Yes, in stock market, everyone is rule by greed and fear. Only the best are void of emotion. Anyhow, I did nothing today. Too busy with work and no time to monitor the market.

Only after the close of the market I can analyse logically my situation. Here are my analysis:
RHB: Moved up to much too fast, profit taking activity for 2 days already. Support should kick in at around 0.82 region.
MTDInfr-WA: Also too fast too much. The moving average needs to do some catch up before more up trust. I will only add into my position if it can move above 0.40. My only concern is that MTDInfr may be taking a rest after the short sprint.
Carotech: Movement linked to Hovid. This one U-turn very fast. I was not able to buy near the closing as I was busy with work. Will try to catch some tomorrow.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Wave 1 has terminated at 0.52. I am waiting for the end of correction to buy.

My entry: 0.395

Saturday, September 17, 2005


From the weekly chart, MTDInfra should be reaching its wave 3 target of 1.23 soon. Very strong buying just before Friday’s close. MTD must be buying aggressively just before the capital repayment of 20 cents (the entitlement date has not been announce yet). The weird thing is that MTDInfra-wa is not moving as it is supposed to be. The warrant exercise price is 0.80 while the maturity date is 27 Jun 2007. At Friday’s closing price, 0.32 + 0.80 = 1.12 which is 8 cents lower than the MTDInfra price. The first target for MTDInfra-wa is 0.40 if the resistance of 0.335 is broken. I will buy more when this level is broken.

My entry: 0.285, 0.32


I’m still holding my RHB. I thought there would be a correction right after last Thursday long shadow hammer, but the buying strength was great. The minimum target of 0.85 has been breached. If it still keeps going up, then my Fibonacci target will be 1.22 for wave 3. The daily and weekly charts all show an overbought condition. So, I will only try to get more after the correction (if any).

My entry: 0.595, 0.645 and 0.715

Friday, September 16, 2005

Weekly Analysis

Weekly Chart: Weekly MACD turns negative! While weekly EMA still negative. Now the negative MACD worries me. I have gone through the chart and history shows that when it turns negative, more downward move is going to happen.

Daily Chart: Downtrend channel broken in daily chart. Daily EMA lines show that they probably won't converge and diverge! If they don't do this, then my analysis shows that any up move will not be strong. Daily RSI is slightly below 60. However daily MACD is positive.

Conclusion: Patriotic fund managers are pushing up the index for Hari Malaysia. Any up move will not be strong as the weekly MACD is contradicting with the daily MACD. Maybe a correction first for the next strong move.

Now, my Elliot Wave knowledge is not that good. But IF I am correct, we may see the end of wave 2 and more agressive wave 3 selling. Maybe I'm wrong kua.

Disclaimer: This is a non-professional opinion only, please do your own analysis before making any decision.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Riding the wave!

I'm on RHB wave, entered at 0.595, 0.645 and 0.715 in 3 consecutive days. Just play small small only. My analysis says RHB is in wave 3.

I'm also in OSKVI at 0.135. Wave 3 not yet move.

Looking for possible entry at MTDInfra. This one puzzles me, the mother is moving but not the son.

Hovid is moving, so is Carotec. I was in Carotec long time ago before I got "enlightenment". Looks like it is in wave 1 only. Wait for correction for the super-duper wave 3.

Landmarks moved today. I was not it.

KNM, Sugar and Pantai rallied quite a lot already. I feel uncomfortable to chase them.

UBS, Affin and Puncak should be moving soon kua.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Eureka (Part 2)

Okie, based on the new patterns that I found, I have categorize the following:

Bulls in progress: KNM, Sugar, Pantai
Young Bulls: RHB, Landmarks, UBS
Maybe Bulls in creation: Puncak, OSKVI, Affin

If you want to buy, good luck to you. Just remember that nothing is 100% certain.


Last weekend, I was in deep though. My question is simple: Why do some shares fly sky high even without any fundamental while others just sitting around?

I was refering to Pantai, Sugar, Ramunia....just to name a few. All my technical analysis (MACD, candlestick, RSI, EMA) didn't indicate or predict that a counter that moves up will generate either 100% return or falls back to square one.

So I kept searching for the elusive answer. Well, I think I have found it. The answer lies in the simple Exponential Moving Average of value 3, 7, 20 and 30. Why these value? Well the value 3 & 7 was suggested by my futures broker. Using only these two generate to many false signals (no wonder I lost heavily in futures) A forummer suggested the importance of the value 30 (can't remember his name) and I added the final value 20 to filtered out the weak signals. So take out your technical analysis tool. Plot the chart for these, put it in a different colour and see for yourself.

Did you notice anything common about Ramunia, Sugar, Pantai...and now RHB? Well, if the daily 3/7/20/30 EMA crosses to positive (that means moving up), then check the weekly chart which should shows the weekly 3/7 EMA also crosses positive. Well, if you find this pattern, then look at the daily and weekly MACD. Both should be positive or going positive. And with these patterns, with high probability, it will go up. But the trick is to look how many attempts it is doing this. Usually, the first try will fail. It will fall back down a little bit. But if it just stop short of the previous low and continue to move up, then you may have a good winner. It will rally up at least 50%. The trend may last for 6 months earning you 100% or more.

So what you waiting? Get those charts. I have discovered a few: RHB, UBS, Landmarks and Picorp. If you found more, please do message me. I am trying to figure out how to use the Metastock search function to find these patterns.

Good luck!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekly Analysis

I will try to give my opinion based on my knowledge of technical analysis. I'm not sure how the image will turn out when uploaded. I will base my reading on the weekly chart as it will give an indication of the long term trend.

The MACD shows that this is an uptrend, but as it is reducing, that means we are in consolidation mode. If it keeps reducing, then we are in the BEAR mode. Last week, a white candle was made on the chart giving a bullish engulfing candle. This usually indicates the change of trend (going up?) The RSI curve up at 50. Another good sign. With DJI rallying last week, I think that it will go up some more. Target about 960???

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Up up .....and away?

It finally came, the rebound. Oil drop with the release of 80 million barrels from the reserves. The index moved so much, many counters also move up, but mine are all staying put. So why? Is this just plain bad luck or bad choice of counters?

Anyway.....I have decided to not to monitor the counters too puts in too much emotion into my decision. I will base my decision on daily charts. That will be enough.

From the weekly chart, KLCI is still in bull and possibly in wave 5 (based on Elliot) Target should be higher than 960.

So, got more bullets? My last one was spent on Sunrise (read the recommendation by investsmart). Now I will have to get more bullets for mtdinfra-wa. Looks like mtdinfra going to break new high. mtdinfra-wa exercise price is only 0.80, when mtdinfra implements the capital repayment, it will be adjusted to 0.60. So, mtdinfra is in the money and mtdinfra-wa is trading almost without premium.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Desperate for a Rebound!

The index ends under 910 for this week. Yes, I know I said that support is 910, but I'm not God. I can't determine the exact support. Nobody cans. But the probability is higher here. Expects gives a range of 900-910. Everyone one is just guessing.

So where is the rebound? Or change of trend? Stochastic oversold. RSI oversold. MACD show some sign of bullish divergence. So there is hope. Yes, when everyone feel desperate, that's the point where the market will turn around.

So are you feeling hopeless? Then buy.......

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

At Critical Support 910

The rebound was brief and weak. Everytime the bulls tried to push up, the bears pushed it down. So now we are back at the 910 area. RSI shows that the index is already oversold. No sign of reversal yet, but the chances are getting better for a rebound. No guarantee though.

My performance is not good for last week. My bet on Quest didn't work as well as I like it to. It did manage to shoot up, but quickly fall down back. Now I'm back to square one. Most probably I'll cut my lost.

Other counters which I plan to cut are Plus-CA (the mother is back to bearish) and Sumatec.

If you want to read other's analysis, then I suggest that you read the blacksheeptrading site (

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Looks like the BMCI (KLCI) index is rebounding as shown by the 14-day RSI (where the RSI downtrend channel has been broken). If the uptrend continues, then the next target will be >960 (predicted using Elliot Wave - wave no. 5). Is this the pre-budget rally? The strategy is to sell into this rally as prolong downtrend is expected until Nov-Dec period.

If it is only a small bounce, then 930 will be a resistance and may be the point of continuation of downtrend.

Let's see what will happen next week.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dropping arrested, rebounding now?

Market seems to put on the breaks. Maybe rebound from here. Who knows? Technically has reach the 33% Fibonacci retracement level. IF breaks 935 region, then uptrend continues. If turn back at that region, than a downtrend channel has been formed.

Interesting counters:
Quest - Very high buy percentage. Last minute push. Maybe tomorrow more action? Will try to add on position when 0.35 is broken.
Tecfast - I have let go this one last week due to inaction, but looks like it is inching up again. potential.
Plus-CA - Hard to read this one. Maybe rebound more, maybe continue down. Plus needs to close above 3.26 for positive action.
FTEC - Hmmm...still supported by the uptrend channel.
Mptech - Bullish reversal candle. Rebound or change of trend?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Market still dropping

Alamak, where is the rebound? Looks like the market is going to drop to 900-910 region. Technically, it is still consolidating because no downtrend channel has been made yet.

My strategy is to bet that the uptrend will continue. If my bet is wrong, then I should cut many losses.

Interesting counters:
Quest - make a bullish reversal with volume but sentiment not good. Should rebound from here kua.
Ftec - supported by the uptrend channel? If so, then next target maybe 0.40 liao.

Temptations (2)

So how do you prevent yourself from being tempted to buy?

Well, the standard way is to plan your trading before the open of the market! Yes, you should write down at what price to buy, targeted price and stopped price before you enter any trade. This will prevent you from following your "feeling". Emotions are bad in trading. When price goes up, you feel "high". When price goes down, you feel "down". We must cut away these type of feelings from our trading. More like cold blooded trading. No emotions, no feelings. Just follow the rules that you have set. Nothing more, nothing else.

So what are the rules? It depends on your personality. If you are old, most probably you will like the fundamental counters that moves up inch by inch. If you are young, most likely you will play those speculative counters. If you are a daredevil, then you will use the buy high, sell higher strategy. We are humans, each of us are different. So find out what type of trader are you. Then apply the right technique that suits you.

Just remember, write down everything you do. Keep a journal of it. At least we can analyse our successes and failures later on. It's okay to make a mistake once. But it is lunatic to keep repeating it.

For me, I'm still searching the right technique that suits me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


This is the 2nd time this sort of things happened to me in 2 months. I sold FTEC at 0.305, "thinking" that it will not break the 0.31 resistance. I was very wrong, it break this barrier and zoom pass to 0.35. Imagine the lost profit!?

The first one was with Ramunia when I sold it at 0.87 (which eventually goes to above 1.00 in another 2 days time).

So why? Why do I always sell my winners and ride my losers? Why do I always sell early? What have I done wrong? Have I violated my own rules? More things to wonder....or is it a luck factor?

If anyone is reading this, please tell me the best exit strategy. I still have a lot to learn.

Temptations (Part 1)

Visited Amsterdam during the weekend. Walk around the Red Light District (RLD). It's full of sex sex sex. The prostitute display their goods behind a glass window for you to see wearing only lingerie. You can find young girls to old aunties. They are there to satisfy whatever fantasy that you have. What a temptation.

Playing stocks is also full of temptations. Price goes up, you feel regret because you didn't buy during the low. So you are very tempted to get in. Without thinking much, you got in and "Wham"! The price reverses. Now you feel uneasy. If it goes down some more, you will panic and sold it off. You will ask yourself why you have been trapped? Something to ponder.......

Thursday, August 04, 2005

This is not right!

One day KLCI goes up double digit, then the next day it surrendered most of the gain. Didn't expect that the profit taking is so strong. The candle chart points to more downward pressure. If breaks 940, then it was a false break and we shall be slaughtered.

Nothing is certain in share market. Only probabilities. It is so easy to learn technical analysis. You learn about uptrend, downtrend, resistance, support, ascending formations, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Elliot wave etc. But when comes the time to implement, it is not straight forward. If your analysis points to one direction and it goes the other way, you will be wondering what has gone wrong with your analysis. From my experience, technical charts don't lie. It is we who lie to ourselves. We always try to interpret the chart to be favourable to our situation. Only experience will minimise this impact.

At the time of writing this, US market shows a large drop. Don't know what will happen when market opens tomorrow, will 940 be breached? Anyhow, I won't be able to see the live action myself as I will be going to Holland for a holiday. Yes, the place and not the other "holland" (in Cantonese).

Turkey Can Fly!

Big funds buy blue chips. Small funds buy peanuts. Why do retailers always goes for penny shares? I think it is due to the good feeling of holding more of less value than less of more value. Or maybe retailers live in fantasy island? Buy 10 cents share, up 1 cent, earn 10% liao! Better than fixed deposit!!! But do the retailers have the power to push the price up? After buying penny shares, we always wait for the "syndicate" to push it up. Sometimes we may be lucky, but most of the time we will go to "Holland".

Today, 2nd liners all fly high. Push push push! After 942 has been broken convincingly, everyone rush in to buy. The fear of buying high and selling low still persist. The trick is not to buy when it is overbought. From my observation, when a share is in the overbought region, the probability of it going up more is not that high. Most probably it will take a rest first to flush out those with no holding power. So do keep the temptation away from yourself. There are still many more counters with better probability for us to hop on.

I have so many counters to monitor. Very kancheong now. But must still try to keep cool. Which counter to average down (so that can get out)? Which counter to take profit? Which counter to hop on? Aiyah, my mind cannot work that fast lah. Just a greenhorn in this share thing.

Today's analysis:
Plus - First time it manage to close at 3.40. RSI shows more room to go up. Maybe target 3.50. So I hopped into Plus-CA. The ex-price is 2.79, which means it should go to 0.70. If I use the triangle breakout computation, then the target will be at 0.65.

FTEC - Just manage to close below the resistance line of 0.31. Hmmm...if break, next target will be 0.38.

Sumatec - Will be challenging 0.745. If break, then target 0.86.

Talam - Debt problem solved? If break 0.66, then next target is 0.86. Is Talam-wa worth the risk?

L&G - Broken the RSI downtrend line. Should be able to break the 0.20-0.21 region.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Breaking new high

Seems that my analysis is wrong. Bursa is breaking new high. Both the daily and weekly charts shows that KLCI is overbought. Only blue chips are matching higher. 2nd and 3rd liners all still have no petrol to move. It is very dangerous to chase the price when it is overbought. Your probability of winning is getting less and less (risk increases). If we become emotional, then we may be the fools that buy at the highs (buy high sell low)

We must be patience. Remember, what goes up must comes down. Wait for the price to pullback and then only take a ride for the next trip up.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Weekly Analysis

From my charts, it looks like KLSE is heading for a correction. Last few days up was just to dress up the index. Most probably it will stop sliding at 920. Historically, the index should make a 50% correction which puts it at 900.

Many stocks are push and dump. They dun usually survive T+3. Stocks that breaks new grounds (Mems) are too risky to buy as the daily indicator is overbought.

TA is in corrective mode. 3 Aug is the ex-date for the 5% dividend. Will it be push up?
Sumatec - Alamak, bad bet. It is still sliding down. Support at 0.63.
L&G - No clear signal that it will make a move. Better wait for breakout before buying.
FTEC - This is the only light I see. Slowly inching up. 0.245 is the support. Mmm....maybe buy with stop at 0.24. Try my luck.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Licking my wounds

Took two hits with my Kejora-WA and Talam-WA this week. These are counters that I'm trying to clear.

Warrants are good instrument to make great profits. The opposite is true also. You may think that you can make good money, so you choose a counter that is 2 years to death. But if your decision is wrong and you do not cut lost, then after 1 year, your warrant can become your expensive toilet paper.

If you want to play with warrants, make it a point of not holding for more than 1 month. If it doesn't move, most probably it won't. And always buy when you are pretty sure that it is a bull counter. You want to make the kill when it is moving and not sitting put. Don't make the mistakes that I have made. My first disaster with warrants was with Kulim-WA. I manage to recover most of it at the last minute with a slight lost. But I didn't learn my lesson. I forgot. I got greedy and now I have to suffer again.

So if you are wise, then learn from my mistakes. You can't affort to make it :p

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More Young Bulls Counter

Everyone is expecting profit taking now. Nobody dares to buy when the risk is greater. The past week rally is all on Blue Chips. So called 2nd and 3rd liner all still stays in CI 600 price. Where are the retail investors?

Small gold nuggets from my list for this week:
FTEC (Very young, possible support at 0.24 for further uptrend)
L&G (Can collect some at <0.18, alternatively wait for breakout at 0.20)
Sumatec (Still struggling, can bottom fish, making an ascending trinagle? may shoot up when breaks 0.75)
TA (Overbought, at the higher end of uptrend channel, a little bit more to go?)
TA-WB (Laggard, possibly momentum ascellaration)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Young Bulls

So I have rewritten my trading rules. First of all is to determine whether a stock is in uptrend or still in downtrend. I shall avoid all stocks that falls under the downtrend category. Rebound is impossible to play. It is so easy to get hurt with this strategy.

What is and uptrend stock? I shall define a stock that is in uptrend when it has broken the downtrend line and both the weekly MACD and 3/7 EMA are positive. From here, I will use the daily charts to time my entry. Sometimes, my hand are ichy and just afraid of missing the bus. So the first thing to do when the signal is spotted is to buy a little bit. Then increase my holding at every correction until the peak has been spotted. As the price ascend higher, the stop lost shall be moved higher to protect my profit. Once the peak has been determined or the price has hit my stop lost, then I shall sell off my entire holdings. No regrets. Move on and look for another bus. This is the slow in, fast out strategy.

My first stock that fulfills these conditions is:

The facts and rumour: AGM has just approve the rights issue. Current price is too low and the management indicate that the rights price will be around 55 cents. So they have to push up the price before the SC approves it.

Soul Searching

In the past 1 month, I had some successfull trade and some disaster. I have used the 1-2-3 formations method but most of them gives false breakout. Why? Then I notice my mistake, the 1-2-3 formations are more reliable when used on weekly charts. Daily charts gave too much noise.

For the successful trades, I didn't get the full profit as I have excited too fast. Ex: Ramunia, I sold at 0.87 when it rallied to 1.10 before stopping.

So I keep thinking, what have I done wrong? I want a simple method, spend my time minimally, and earn obcense profit. So I went back to my charts and look for patterns. Reread the technical analysis notes. Look for repeated patterns that gives the highest probability. Sacrificing some profit for sure thing is better than losing your capital. From the patterns, I have created new rules, hopefully, I can earn more after KLSE breaks new high at 940.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Long time since I post anything. The market was terrible. I should not have traded in a downtrend. Rebound games are dangerous. It is not worth the risk. After 5 consecutive losses, I withdrew and reread all those trading techniques that I have learn. Ya, sometimes we need to remind ourselves about the basic principal of trading. Emotional trades will just destroy our capital, crippling our "army" to wage new battle.

Now I'm using the 1-2-3 method. The first candidate that fulfilled this condition is Nscom. Let's see what will happen.

KLSE is still in bear mode. No bull confirmed yet.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Stressful Trading!

What a stressful week! Talam-WA keep dropping until it is becoming toilet paper. That's why it is essential to cut lost early. I have still not able to do this. Maybe I'm just not a good trader. Maybe I should give up trading! Give up and admit defeat?

Jesse Livermore suffer more than me. I think that I will be able to recover from this darkest moment. I need to be disciplin. Implement my plan no matter what. I have learned technical analysis. But I find that interpreting the chart and planning my strategy is the hardest thing to do. That's why experience is very crucial. No matter what happened, I must have the confidence to stick to my analysis.

I expect the index to continue dropping now. All stocks are at their lows. So how low can they go? This is a period to concentrate on my Futures. Ya, after tremendous lost, I'm going back to Futures. That's the only game I can play when the market is in bear mood. Let's see how much have I learned.

Friday, April 08, 2005

White Hammer!

A sign that the bears are weakening. Looks like KLCI is poised to rebound after so many days of selling.

Talam: Selling pressure intensified. Highest volume in months. Is this the sign of the final sell off? It must be force selling. If not, I don't think that the price can plunge so fast.

Talam-WA: When you think that it cannot go any lower, it goes lower for you! In one week I already lost 50%. That's the danger of catching a falling knife. You need to have lots of pain killers to withstand the bleeding. Bought more to average down. Don't think that it can be lower than 0 :p

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bursa Malaysia - The only red dot

Everyone green, but we are the only one with red. The easing of capital controls has pushes the index down further. Why invest in Malaysia when other places are cheaper? KLCI is heading into 850 level. That's the 66% retracement level. Break this and bye bye liao.

Talam: Alamak! Drop another 10 cents. Very oversold liao. Bursa's announcement shows that the Big Boss is buying back. Does this indicate something? Historically, 0.80 is a good support. Now let's hope that the sellers has run out of steam.

Talam-WA: Still holding this chap. Making new low but manage to close with a doji. A doji in an ovrsold market is a very strong signal. Very high chance of this stock moving up tomorrow. Rebound target is around 0.10.

Sapcres: Hmm....SapuraInd is buying back. Strong support during such bearish scenario. It is trying to inch up slowly. Must pay more attention at this stock. Any indication of rally - buy the warrant.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Rebound soon

Ya, many stocks have been oversold. My TA shows that rebound is very nearby.

Talam-WA: going into junk status. Collected some on Monday and Tuesday. High risk high gain.

Puncak-WA: Puncak has broken it's downtrend channel. News of funding for Pahang-Selangor water project was the catalyst. Looking to buy into Puncak-WA for more gain.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Dream all crushed!

All 2nd & 3rd liners is crushing me. Well there goes by dream of making a living through trading. My greatest weakness is cutting lost. Why am I not able to do that? Why ??????

Many stocks are at their lows. RSIs shows that rebound is imminent. How can I sell when it is already so low? Hope to catch on any rebound to get out of this misery.

Ramunia: Step out after the rally in the morning. Earned slightly more than my broker. #-o Stupid risk/reward ratio.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Buy Ramunia

It is dangerous to catch a falling knife. You will get cut and bleed profusely. I am catching one : Ramunia. Ya, this stock has fall substantially. Seems that someone is pushing the price ever lower. I enter my trade at 0.885. The decision is based on 66% Fibonacci retracement level. I thought that was a good level as it was hovering at that level for some time. However, it suddenly dropped to as low as 0.84. The weird thing is that I didn't scare at all, just a little bit worried. With that type of selling, I don't think it will be sustained. Last minute push allows it to close at 0.875. According to my analysis, if rebound, then the target is at around 0.99 for 33% retracement. Hope my chart reading is correct.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sold Avenue & Sapcres

Avenue: Finally sold off Avenue. Earning enough for my petrol. :((

Sapcres: Also sold half of my holdings for Sapcres. Going to test the support of 1.00 again

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Work and Trading

A lot of work pressure today. Seems not able to concentrate on the market. This is affecting my trading.

Avenue: Queued in the morning at 0.70 to sell my Avenue. Seems like going to drop under the support. Didn't get the chance to sell. In ther afternoon, I just didn't execute it. Why should I sell at the support and not at the resistance? So hope throughout the afternoon that the support holds. Luckily still holds. Chart shows that it is still on uptrend after slight pullback.

Talam: Going lower. Alamak where is the buyers? Who is supporting at the last minute? Financial result will be announced soon. Good or bad?

Sapcres: Good result, no rally. Market sentiment really bad. Make a long-shadow hammer today. Most probably will go back to 1.04 support. I will try to sell off tomorrow to reduce my lost.

Sitatt: Never listen to rumour. That was what Jesse Livermore taught me. Someone will spread some rumour that a stock going to raise. From word of mouth, this will create the buy volume and then they will throw at you. Stupid counter, where is your MGO at 1.20? Anyhow, indicators shows that there will be a rally for this counter. Try to reduce my lost with this possible rally.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Web Forum Shutdown

First it was going down. Now it is IVAdvisor. Most probably the SC is shutting down these websites. I wonder when will be pasarklse turn? Now my source of real information is all gone. You just can't trust the advice given by brokerage firm. What they say will most probably wrong 80% of the time. You buy, they throw to you. And you get caught with your money inside, failing to cut lost, you will die surely.

I'm quite good at reading the signals already. That's the easy part. Planning the trade, that is the toughest thing to do. When to enter...when to cut much one should chase the price with a safety margin...that is not easy. I seldom follow the buy call given in forums, I just use it to determine what is hot and what is cold. Trust no one but yourself. That's why stock education is very important. With it, you will increase your probability of winning. Without it, you will forever following the crowd. I'm currently reading "Market Trading Tactics" by Daryl Guppy. It was given to me by my girlfriend for my birthday. I guess she knows that the more I win, the more she can spend :p.

I hope the websites are up soon. Without it, life feels so lonely. There will be no connections with other traders.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Rebound Holding

Rebound still holding. Most analysis predicts that it will hit 890 and then headed back. Will it happen? Up or down, I hope to take the right decision in the Futures. Hard game to play. Lost terribly in here too. What will Mr Market do tomorrow?

Avenue: Profit taking today. Stop at 0.69. Most probably 0.70 will hold. Weekly charts shows that action is just the beginning.

Sapcres: got action again liao. Substantial holder supporting. Looks like the downtrend triangle has been broken.

AMMB: Oversold. Monitor. Should rebound at around 2.75.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rebound or reversal?

KLCI opened much lower today, an reaction to DJI. But was pushed up eventually. Nice reversal candle. Hmmm...looks like rebound will go to 890 and...maybe beyond because of bullish divergence.

Very happy today as the decision that I have taken yesterday turns out to be right.

Avenue: Rumours of restructuring pushed it above resistance 0.70, next resistance is around 0.77-0.79. Must be careful, since it is overbought.
Talam: Rebound. Will take any chance to reduce my lost for this counter.
Talam: Reversal candle. Should go higher.

Tomorrow, KLCI should go higher as DJI is expected to rebound from oversold position. Hopefully this is the journey to 1000.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Blood Everywhere!

Blue chips all kapuk! 3 speculative counter hit limit down: Suremax, Sanbumi, Fajar. Whole market in strong selling mode. Die die die. Or oppurtunity to buy cheap :D

Collected Talam and Talam-WA.

Talam: Hit support 1.03. May stop here or breakdown. Let's see tomorrow.
Talam-WA: Some support emerge from 0.135. Bought at 0.14. Hope for a quick rebound.
Avenue: Still holding.
KLCI: should rebound now. Oversold liao.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

21 March 2005 (morning)

Down down down! Terrible market.

Ramunia: Aiyoh! Good news of winning contract but the stock goes down. Bad omen. I sold off at 1.24. Breakeven. My remisier must be happy because he is earning more than me :(

Avenue: Restructuring of GLC theme play. Broke the downtrend resistance line at 0.65. So I jump in at 0.67. Stop at 0.605. Weekly and daily chart shows bullishness. Resistance at 0.70/0.85

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Weekly Review (19 March 2005)

The government funds are supporting the index for Bursa's listing. Well, Bursa really got a good start with lots of 8s. However, the index finally goes down. Trendchaser spotted a H&S formation ( So KLSE index should go down more. Next support will be around 885. The following is my analysis for the counters that I'm holding ->

Ramunia (an uptrend stock, enter: 1.22, stop:1.05, target: 1.40): The candle chart shows a long shadow hammer, going to consolidation? But news of new contract won should push it higher. Hopefully it will break higher next Monday.

Sapcres (uptrend, consolidation, stop: 1.05): The major shareholder is buying back. Thus, support at the current level. The price is getting congested. Seems to be making a triangle formation. It will either breakout of this pattern with both ways. Hopefully up with major shareholder support.

Megan-WA (enter: 0.355, stop 0.345, target: 0.38): I'm not sure why I'm in love with this share. Maybe the share buyback of Megan will limit the downside of this stock. Anyhow, this stock shows good up/down trend. Can make some money out of it.

Talam-WA (downtrend): Win big, lose big. Not much life left. Can I break even with this chap? A local fund is holding some it. Will they come to the rescue? Looking for signs to enter.

Cutting lost is very important in trade. However, I always again and again failed to cut lost. The problem is failing to set proper stop. Now, all my trades have proper stops.

Losing counters: GHLSys, novaMSC, JSPC, Kejora-WA, Hil-WA, Hwgb, Sitatt, Kretam-Wa, Talam, L&G. :((

Potential counters: Mems (downtrend - got out last Friday with a small profit), Kurasia (uptrend)

My First Blog

What is a blog? Is it to express my thoughts, feelings and experience? Well, Im going to try to document about trading in Bursa Malaysia.

I have read all the theories: technical analysis, money management, fundamental analysis. I have read a lot of company reports. But I have lose quite a lot of money in the past. Terrible lost. What have I gone wrong?

I think that I'm too emotional. Emotional kills you in the stock market. It makes you buy even it is not a good choice.

I'm more discipline now. I keep my analysis journal. I use technical analysis to time my entry. The past one month, I started to cover back some of my losses. Well, I hope that it will improve further.