Wednesday, July 26, 2006

KLCI, Novamsc & SimeEng

KLCI: My daily buy signal is triggered today. From the chart, looks like the next major resistance is at 980-1000.

Novamsc: Consolidation over? A close above 0.13 will give it a better chance of going up.

SimeEng: Making a move again. Looks like the move is before the 1 billion contract announcement.

Tenaga, Nscom & AMDB

Tenaga: Technically in uptrend. But hard to intepret the next possible move. Furthermore, it is moving really slow. If it really moves, then it is good to play the covered warrants.

Nscom:No potential at all.

AMDB: Looks like building a base for the next up move. No buy signal yet.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Tebrau, Magnum & Keuro

Tebrau: Long term uptrend. Still under correction. Possible support at 0.45-0.50.

Magnum: Monthly chart above shows that it is still to early to say that the downtrend has ended.

Keuro: The worst is over? Good potential to move, but no buy signal yet.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

AirAsia, Frontkn & RSawit

AirAsia: Not a pretty picture. In downtrend mode.

Frontkn: Consolidation? Volume reducing on the way down. On watch.

RSawit: New counter, moving up again. To break new high?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ranhill, Notion & LNGRes

Ranhill: Still in downtrend.

Notion: Price adjusted for 1:1 bonus. Is it going to break the previous high of 0.53? A buy signal if it can break 0.53.

LNGRes: Trap in a tight range. A close above 0.36 is a good buy signal.

Leader & Measat

Leader: What's up with this counter. Suddenly high volume. I think that it has broken the downtrend line. Base building at 0.36 level? My buy signal has not yet been triggered.

Measat: Ready for lift off? Satellite launch in Nov 2006 - Jan 2007? Good base building at 1.60 level. Volume too low to make any good analysis.

Titan & Megan

Titan: Downtrend since day 1 of listing. Can you trust the prospectus painted with rosy picture?

Megan: Downtrend for 2 years!


This is the reason I am concentrating on Mesdaq counters. It is still in an uptrend. I don't inteprete a double top has been formed at 130 because past data shows usually the weekly RSI has to hit oversold twice before peaking.

Mems, Flonic, Bahvest

Mems: I consider Mems has broken out of the downtrend. Currently building base for the next up move. If it is able to break 0.57, EWT target are 0.81/1.06.

Flonic: Sinking slowly.

Bahvest :Got tricked into buying last month. Wrong intepretation of chart. Currently consolidating between 0.26 and 0.295. Large buy volume is mystifying. Signals are all mixed, that's explain the tight consolidation range. I think a close above 0.30 is a good signal to buy.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Chart indicates it has broken out of the downtrend. Consolidation may be over and will be confirm when it overcomes 0.47. Charts indicators are mixed currently but with upside bias.


Long term charts indicates the uptrend is still intact. Currently consolidation. Monthly price should not close below 0.20 for the uptrend to continue. No buy signal yet.

Poor Months

What a poor month since May. Just can't make any money. Speculative issues moves so fast. I'm just not suitable to play these counters.

My capital is limited. Don't think I can made a million in 5 years time. How can I increase my income?

Okay...from this week onwards I will post my technical analysis of the hottest and not so hot counters. I'm not a guru, so beware of my opinion.


Ordered a new book from today. The title is
The Complete Trading for a Living: The Legendary Approach to Trading with the Companion Study Guide

Only USD40 after 50% discount! A good bargain.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Out of tune

World Cup is over. I was really disappointed with Zidane. Does he think that he is playing Shaolin football?

Back to the market. I am really out of touch with the stock movement. Missed out all the great moves. My indicators are just not suited for fast velocity movements. Anyhow, I'm just not convince of the Bursa strength. The different period indicators are all telling a different story, I just don't know how to intepret them.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Just a rebound?

My weekly charts says that the recent gain for KLCI is just another rebound. Uptrend not yet confirm. Thus I'm adopting a cautious stand. Will not do heavy trading until the picture is much clearer. The market needs to retrace first before any continuation of upward movement if the trend is up.