Friday, August 31, 2007

Bull vs Bear (30 Aug 2007)

Bull vs Bear

Bulls still gaining. Bears are disappearing. Immediate term does not indicate a strong rally yet.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bull vs Bear (29 Aug 2007)

Bull vs Bear

Bulls and bears both increase. Hmmm..... what does this mean? Gap at 1255 has been covered. Volume traded continues to reduce. Since the ghost festival is over, hopefully we can have a better market. But 3rd quarter is generally a bad one for stocks. I think it is better to just watch and shake leg.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bull vs Bear (28 Aug 2007)

Bull vs Bear

Daily and weekly bears continue to reduce but at a slower rate. Bulls are still hiding but the numbers are increasing. Monthly bulls is more than bears, so long term trend is still up.

This is just another way of looking at the market. At least it is not manipulated by any last minute push ups.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Bull vs Bear (27 Aug 2007)

Bull vs Bear

The bulls are gaining ground. Play has rotated from oil&gas, to IDR to HK CW. Bluechips, finance, plantation and mesdaq are still consolidating.

I will try to post the chart daily. A few things to note:
1. I only clean my database once a few weeks, so some delisted counter will be included in the statistic until I have have deleted it.
2. I depend on for the share split/repayment adjustment. So a bull may become a bear until I have made the necessary adjustment.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bull vs Bear (24 Aug 2007)

Bull vs Bear

My Excel chart goes haywire when I install the Office 2007 compatibility pack. I hate it the environment that I'm so used to it are changed.

Anyway, the chart shows that the bearish counters has dropped tremendously. Based on my reading of the weekly technical chart, I think that we are heading for a "Budget rebound" since the weekly chart still shows bearishness.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

KLCI (23 Aug 2007)

KLCI Daily Chart

Strong rebound. Gap at 1255-1270. For long term uptrend to continue, the index must shoot pass 1300 and then consolidate and built up another based at 1300.

Current resistant is at around 1300 (many trend lines intersect there). I'm still staying sideline due to the bearish divergence in the weekly chart and also no good buy signal from my filter. Looking out the behaviour of the index when it reaches 14-day RSI value 60. If it cannot break this value, then it indicate that the bear has set up an ambush.

Mind the Gap

Strong rebound indeed. I still don't have any buy signal. So I'm still staying sideline. My indicators just don't work when the volatility is high. Anyway, there is a big gap at 1255-1270.

I'm monitoring the China listed CWs.Hopefully I can hop into a few.

Monday, August 20, 2007

KLCI (17 Aug 2007)

Daily chart is shown. Just manage to close above the uptrend line that was formed from 900. Long shadow hammer may indicate a rebound. This will be confirmed with a white candle. If a rebound happens, the upper resistance will be around 1250. With everything so oversold, I am expecting a rebound. But the weekly indicators are really bad, so the rebound should be weak. Technically, the uptrend is still intact if one view from the monthly chart.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Worst is Over?

I got a feeling that the worst is over. The monthly 20EMA has provided a support (typo in my previous post). Hopefully nobody is in panic anymore. Tried to buy Kencana, cannot get. Looking for other battered counters.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Dow goes down and down. HK, Malaysia and other markets follow. I guess everyone is seeing ghost now. Did anyone remember the prediction made by Tuo Pek Kong during CNY in Penang. Mann...bulls eye.

When will DJI stabilizes? Looking at the chart, it has broken the weekly uptrend line. The next major support can be obtained from the monthly chart and it is around 12100. So still a long way to go.

Maybe it the spirit of Malaysia Boleh, we can stabilize at 1200.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


My bull vs bear chart is shown. From the daily numbers, the bear outnumber the bull by 27 to 1.

Too bad that in Bursa Malaysia, there is mostly one way play. That is to buy and sell higher. The other way, to sell and buy lower is not available to most of the people. Well, technically one can short, but I don't know the process well, furthermore, the cost of doing this is not cheap. An alternative is to play the KLCI futures. Hmm...I have done that a few years back, did badly, the psychological scar is still in me.

What can I do but to sit and watch. The "consolidation" is not yet completed.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Is it going to be pushed up? So many false start, will this for real? Downtrend channel resistance at around 0.34. I think that the play will be confirmed if it can close above 0.28.

KLCI (10 Aug 2007)

Weekly chart shown. Stochastic shows that it still have room to go down. If it closes below 1284, the next support will be at 1143 (monthly 30EMA line). This value is too extreme. Hopefully I'm wrong. The best thing one can do is to sit and watch what happens when the weekly stochastic is oversold or weekly 14RSI is around the 40s. Theoretically, if the bull is still alive, the index should u-turn at around 40s level for the weekly 14RSI.

Friday, August 03, 2007

CI (3 Aug 2007)

Weekly chart shown. Weekly RSI uptrend broken. Bearish RSI divergence detected. Parabolic SAR says sell. This week, CI found support at the 20EMA. Based on my theory, if this is broken, then expect it to go to 30EMA (currently at 1284). I'm expecting this to happen as the daily RSI has penetrated the 40 level and the daily stochastic is not oversold yet. Currently, the chart does not show any sign that the bottom has been found.

This consolidation may take up to 2-4 months to clear (if bull is strong). I am looking to resume business only for year-end window dressing or CNY rally or election rally.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

KLSE Bull vs Bear

The chart shows the number of bulls vs bears (based on my definition) using different period filter. It's ain't pretty.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Extreme Pessimism

Since the day I kept records for the up/down ratio:
27 Feb 2007 Up = 42, Down = 1123. This is the day the index starts the correction from 1273 to 1090.

5 Mar 2007 Up = 42, Down = 1110. This is the day the index touches 1090 and recovers to 1392.

1 Aug 2007 Up = 57, Down = 1032.

Only two samples. No conclusion.

Support & Resistance

Okaylah, let me clarify a little bit how I view support and resistance since there were some comments on it.

Actually, I do not really look at vertical support and resistance. What I look at is EMA support and resistance. This will give me the confidence to either stay with the trend or get out. The best one is to look at weekly EMA, but this requires a strong psychology to stand deep correction (I'm not quite good at this).

Next I look at the curve of the EMA, the best curve (which I intepret it as strong trending) is when all of the different time period moves up from a single point. The tighter the point, the better. I learned this technique from Daryl Guppy. So, even if the singular point is near the vertical resistance, I still go in. However, I will not go in if it is under the weekly trendline.

I'm not doing well this pass month because I was too eager to place a trade. This is a discipline problem. To add salt to my wound, the movement of stocks are too fast. They go up very fast, they go down very fast. So I have problem managing my position. I am back to my old ways now, that is to wait for the perfect set up before entering. Concerning the method to manage my position, I'm still searching.