Sunday, April 17, 2005

Stressful Trading!

What a stressful week! Talam-WA keep dropping until it is becoming toilet paper. That's why it is essential to cut lost early. I have still not able to do this. Maybe I'm just not a good trader. Maybe I should give up trading! Give up and admit defeat?

Jesse Livermore suffer more than me. I think that I will be able to recover from this darkest moment. I need to be disciplin. Implement my plan no matter what. I have learned technical analysis. But I find that interpreting the chart and planning my strategy is the hardest thing to do. That's why experience is very crucial. No matter what happened, I must have the confidence to stick to my analysis.

I expect the index to continue dropping now. All stocks are at their lows. So how low can they go? This is a period to concentrate on my Futures. Ya, after tremendous lost, I'm going back to Futures. That's the only game I can play when the market is in bear mood. Let's see how much have I learned.

Friday, April 08, 2005

White Hammer!

A sign that the bears are weakening. Looks like KLCI is poised to rebound after so many days of selling.

Talam: Selling pressure intensified. Highest volume in months. Is this the sign of the final sell off? It must be force selling. If not, I don't think that the price can plunge so fast.

Talam-WA: When you think that it cannot go any lower, it goes lower for you! In one week I already lost 50%. That's the danger of catching a falling knife. You need to have lots of pain killers to withstand the bleeding. Bought more to average down. Don't think that it can be lower than 0 :p

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bursa Malaysia - The only red dot

Everyone green, but we are the only one with red. The easing of capital controls has pushes the index down further. Why invest in Malaysia when other places are cheaper? KLCI is heading into 850 level. That's the 66% retracement level. Break this and bye bye liao.

Talam: Alamak! Drop another 10 cents. Very oversold liao. Bursa's announcement shows that the Big Boss is buying back. Does this indicate something? Historically, 0.80 is a good support. Now let's hope that the sellers has run out of steam.

Talam-WA: Still holding this chap. Making new low but manage to close with a doji. A doji in an ovrsold market is a very strong signal. Very high chance of this stock moving up tomorrow. Rebound target is around 0.10.

Sapcres: Hmm....SapuraInd is buying back. Strong support during such bearish scenario. It is trying to inch up slowly. Must pay more attention at this stock. Any indication of rally - buy the warrant.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Rebound soon

Ya, many stocks have been oversold. My TA shows that rebound is very nearby.

Talam-WA: going into junk status. Collected some on Monday and Tuesday. High risk high gain.

Puncak-WA: Puncak has broken it's downtrend channel. News of funding for Pahang-Selangor water project was the catalyst. Looking to buy into Puncak-WA for more gain.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Dream all crushed!

All 2nd & 3rd liners is crushing me. Well there goes by dream of making a living through trading. My greatest weakness is cutting lost. Why am I not able to do that? Why ??????

Many stocks are at their lows. RSIs shows that rebound is imminent. How can I sell when it is already so low? Hope to catch on any rebound to get out of this misery.

Ramunia: Step out after the rally in the morning. Earned slightly more than my broker. #-o Stupid risk/reward ratio.