Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Construction Sector & Gamuda

Construction Sector: Monthly chart shown. Looks like continuing uptrend.

Gamuda-WC: Daily chart shown. 2 days ago, I see a symmetrical triangle. But now it looks like an ascending triangle. Breakout point is around 0.78.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Currently trying out a new indicator for my exit signal: Parabolic SAR.

I notice that the blue chips are starting to move again. Is the days of the small caps over? Maybe because that a certain hedge fund is being investigated, now every taiko is keeping a low profile.

Wellcal: Currently under consolidation. Down volume is reducing. A good run for those who has subscribed to the IPO.

Commerze: Moving up again. Commerze-CA (Ex price 4.59, Ex date 18 Nov 2007) is technically under value.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nextnat, Maemode & GHLSys

Nextnat: Weekly and monthly charts positive. The bulls are very keen to run. Gap covered on Friday. Daily chart shows consolidation.

Maemode: All charts indicate up. But still stuck at 1.10 level for almost 2 months. If it can rally, then the warrant (Ex price RM1.00, Ex date 19 Sept 2010) will be an excellent play.

GHLSys: I'm still getting mixed signal from Weekly and Monthly chart. Can't confidently bet that it will go up.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Side income

This cross my mind many times. My capital is limited, the number of counters i can trade are limited by my mind to keep track on them. The amount I trade is limited by my risk strategy. So what else can I do to increase my income? I don't want to have advertisement cluthering my whole blog and hoping people will click on it. I don't think it is worth it and most of all, I don't believe the advertisement.

It is possible to sell my trading plan? Will people be willing to pay for it? I mean, I am still learning. I don't get 100% correct up counters, but I do get 100% correct in avoiding downtrend counters. So is this good enough? This is the K-economy. So it is possible to sell my so called "expertise"? I need to recoup the money I spent on all those trading books....he he. Ah, this is just a crazy idea during a boring time.

Anyway, I don't have any official qualifications. So the SC will go after me if I provide this service. Better not get my life too complicated.

Gamuda, Frontkn, Favco

Gamuda: The bull are still pushing up higher. It should rechallenge 4.26 again. Monthly chart -> all says going up. A good leverage is Gamuda-WC (Ex price RM3.75, Ex date 21 Aug 2007). However, it is stuck in a symmetrical triangle (from daily chart) and almost reaching its apex. So technically, any breakout will not be strong.

Frontkn: Maybe this time it will go up. Candles are white, EMA are up. A good sign?

Favco: Broken the down trendline? A strong confirmation is a close above 0.76.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Boring game

I'm bored. The index is inching up. But the general market is going nowhere. Stocks are just like human, they have very short attention time. Most of the time, they just wonder aimlessly.

I'm just doing ok with my selection. Wellcal amazed me. SimeEng not moving. Cepat is like a rollercoaster. Mems is full of suspicious queues (sekejap ada, sekejap tak ada).

I sold out with a lost for Bahvest and LNGres. Bahvest is slowly sinking. LNGres is trapped in range.

Gamuda may show signs of uptrend. Not yet confirm. The warrant will be a good play (Gamuda-wc). Maemode also attracted my attention, the warrant is also a good play.

When nobody is buying, it is time to go shopping. Buy when the queue is low (of course the long term trend must be up). When everyone is buying, take a seat and watch their action. Remember, the crowd is always wrong.

So, I'm still waiting. It is a boring game.

Monday, August 21, 2006

KLCI, Mesdaq, Construction & 2nd Board Index

KLCI: Bulls are getting tired. Possible correction to 930-935 area.

Mesdaq: Looks like a breakdown. The bears are winning. Need a new leader to replace Iris and Mobif.

Construction: Bulls and bears in equal strength.

2nd Board: The bears are still in control.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mems, GHLSys & Frontken

Mems: Looks like the bulls has broken through 0.495 with good volume.

GHLSys: The bulls maybe winning. Still no buy signal yet.

Frontken: The bears are still in charge. The 4 Aug 06 signal was just a bull shit. This shows that relaying only on candlestick analysis is not 100% accurate, must used it with other Western indicators. The more indicators that says the same thing, the better.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Volume in Iris

I just gone through the share holding change for Iris. I must remind you that the following data cannot be verify 100% as I got it from a 3rd party:

3 Aug 06 - Total volume transacted for Iris is 1,363,167 lots
PB Priam transaction for that day:
Acquired 461,947 lots
Disposed 637, 596 lots
Total 1,099,543 lots

If my calculation and assumption are correct, that means only one fund activities is creating 77% of the total transaction! Wow! Can this be real? Is there hidden meanings in this? I don't know.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Waiting for the bull

Waiting, waiting and waiting. KLCI index is moving up slowly but the volume is shrinking.

Will there be a pre-budget rally? Chart wise indicates it is still going up. Nobody dares to buy. The Iris sentiment is still influencing the market. This counter is game over. Who will be the next leader?

Monday, August 07, 2006

Losing in Unit Trust

Did you read the story about EPF contributors losing their shirt in unit trush schemes? It says "...80% of EPF contributors who invested their savings in unit trusts posted losses totalling RM600 million". Wow!

What happened? How can so called professionals with degrees and certifications lose? The answer is they are just human. Human makes mistakes. So are they. And not all of them are good. Maybe 5% of the funds are good but the rest are rubbish that only knows how to fatten their own purse.

The first question to ask is: Is it worth the risk paying them to earn an extra few percent return above EPF return?

In my honest opinion, it depends on how good are they. If they can return 20% yearly, I would say it is worth the risk. If the return is less than 10%, then I think it is safer putting your money in EPF than letting them handling it. If they can give you that return in a good market, imagine what will they give you in a bad one.

The next question is how do you know they are good? Well look for information about their pass performance. They ask about who are the fund managers. Always keep track of this important person. This is not easy as you will only know this when you get your quarterly interim report.

The next thing to do is never trust the person trying to sell you any trust fund products. They are just sales person whose income depends on sales. Maybe only a few are honest. It is better deal with a person that is independent from any funds as his opinion will not be bias.

Investing is not easy if you are the lazy type that just wants to put your money in and forget about it for the rest of the year. You need to be active and pay attention to your portfolio. In other words, you still need to do your home work.

Notion, BCTTech & Bahvest

Notion: Still in uptrend. Consolidation at 0.45.

BCTTech: The bears are gaining in strength.

Bahvest: Another attempt by the bulls today. Will the bulls be able to succeed this time? Trigger point at 0.285. A concern is that the chart looks like a descending triangle - which is a bearish formation.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Wellcal, SimeEng & Frontken

Wellcal: Everyday goes up 1-2 cents. Still in uptrend.

SimeEng: Good close today. The pattern suggest that it should rechallenge 1.52. Any weakness is a good buy.

Frontken: Looks like it has found a possible bottom at 0.315. Daily chart -> bullish reversal candle. It may possibly head higher from here.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

UEMBldr, IJM & Gamuda

UEMBldr: Opened with gap up. Trying to go higher but selling is still strong. A close above 1.33 is a good signal that it will rechallenge the previous high of 1.54.

IJM: Monthly in uptrend but weekly shows consolidation.

Gamuda: Still in downtrend.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

THGroup, Kretam & Cepat

THGroup: Still under downtrend line.

Kretam: Fast run up. Weekly reading-> Overbought. To cover gap? Daily reading-> Correction soon.

Cepat: Weekly reading-> Good chance of going higher. Daily reading-> Based on candlestick, expect pullback. A close above 0.895 will confirm the uptrend.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mems, Impress & Bahvest

Mems: Slowly being pushed up. Still in uptrend. Trigger point is 0.495.

Impress: Moving up. Any weakness is a good buy.

Bahvest: Got potential. Breakout trigger point is 0.285, the opposite is 0.26.

Book arrived

I received my The Complete Trading For A Living from Amazon today.

I guess that this weekend will be spent reading this book. It is just a very dry month for me. The market is tough, and I'm getting bad. Time to relook at myself.