Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Feeling Regret

And so the market moves up again. Feeling regret now for the counters that I have sold earlier. I really didn't expect the market can move without any rest. I guess that when it do, I will definitely caught with my pants down.

In Nov/Dec, I thought that earning 100% gain is very good. Now, looking back, if I did nothing, it would have been 300 or 400%.

So what Jessie Livermore said is true: Big money comes with sitting tight and doing nothing (something like that).

No point changing from one counter to another to try to catch all the trends. It is just impossible.

Oh well, another lesson learned. Time to move on again.

Anyway, looks like we are heading to 1200. I read it somewhere that round numbers always serve as a natural resistance. Will this be the one? Or the foreign money keep pushing?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Railway Track List

The market is still going up. My buy list is like the railway track (a term used to describe 4D punters list). But not all of them performed the same. Some will zoom up, some slowly, some never move even you thought that the stars are all aligned to favor it.

The current theme is still construction, timber and now steel...maybe semiconductor will be next?

What I have sold has continued going up, what I thought will go up and kept instead has not moved (...yet?)

Every session, you wait for your favorite counter to move, but it still refused. So you wonder why?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Monthly chart for Apli is shown. It still says downtrend with resistance at around RM0.40. Based on my system, I will not buy this counter.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Established a small position for this counter. Every time frames EMA is up. Downtrend broken and consolidation is over. Looks like it is making a Wave 3. Low oil price should give a boost to it's profit.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The start of CNY rally?

Is this the start of CNY rally? Penny shares are moving now, going after the big brothers.

Looking at the Mesdaq chart, it looks like it is in Elliott Wave 3.

Feeling a little bit happy today because Notion has broken new high. Let's see whether it can hang on to the gain.

Another Mesdaq counter that may be in wave 3 is GHLSys. I think this time it's for real.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Measat, L&G, Masteel

Some other counters that I'm holding:

Measat: Aiyoh, satellite launch successful, but price drop. I felt like being hit by the rocket debris. I did not expect it to behave like this. However, I broke my stop loss rule for this one. Didn't sell because I'm thinking those poor fund managers that bought at RM4.00 would like to see their money back. So, going to hold it a little bit longer.

L&G: I sold a little bit during the last correction as the price broke through my cut loss level. Kena tipu. If didn't sell, I would have cleared myself of this long term misery by today. Chua Ma Yu really buying ah? I hate rumours. Hard to play. I prefer stocks without rumours. At least everyone don't know what I don't know (the only rumours that I get is from The Star, Business Times or The Edge).

Masteel: Still on the uptrend. Bought a few times into this counter. The last correction gave me a scare, luckily it recovered quickly. Influenced by the report from Asia Analytica SB. They say estimated EPS RM0.22 for 2006. Looks like heading into clear sailing until 1.40. What if the market values it at PER 10x? Am I starting to count chicks....?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Sanichi, Notion, Mems, BCTTech

Some Mesdaq industrial counters that I hold:

Sanichi: Another buy signal, is it going to move this time? My friend is bored, I'm also bored but the waiting continues.

Notion: Bought this 10 months ago for its fundamental reasons. Long term trend is still up, waiting for it to break new high. Bumi issue in the planning, then transfer to main board. So got many "reasons" to push it up. Anyway, did you notice the increase in number of "advertisement" for this counter?

Mems: Promise of contracts never come. Kena tipu. Wait some more or move on? An ascending triangle in formation.

BCTTech: Bought this because it looks like it is going to make a wave 3. Weekly chart points up with increasing volume.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Still In The Red

What a bull for the last 6 months! Unfortunately, I'm still in the red. Yes, still in the red. The losses in 2004 and 2005 was brutal to me. All because of the penny shares and warrants that I played. A summary of lessons learned in those years:
1. Do not accept 100% of analyst report, also do not accept 100% of others opinion (bloggers, discussion group etc)
2. There are no mother-of-all-tools in technical analysis, you need to combine the indicators
3. Be patient for gains (this also depends on the type of stock you buy, see also No. 8)
4. Run fast during losses (see also No. 8)
5. Plan your trade, trade your plan (be discipline)
6. Stalk a stock until all indicators are favorable (see also No. 2)
7. Look at the big picture (themes, general sentiment etc)
8. Trade stocks that suit your personality (slow and steady? fast and furious?)
9. Don't average down, average up instead
10. Always improve yourself

I'm still surviving, still learning the trickery of the stock market. My performance for 2006? Well it started with 57% loss and ended with 20% loss (or about 53% gain).