Monday, March 10, 2008

Tsunami everywhere

First election tsunami. Then stock market tsunami. First time I see a 10%. First time for everyone. Now we know the circuit breaker has been tested and worked.

I guess from now onwards, political-linked counters are to be avoided. I did not dare to buy today. Dare not catch a falling knife, even for a rebound play.

If one is hoping for a bull market, from my chart reading, I estimate that it will take a least a year to repair the technicals (if it stops sliding).

With recession in the US, I guess that work competition will get tougher now. So, time to concentrate on my daily job and stop dreaming of making it in the stock market.

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Alex Lim said...

Excellence comment. Right, forget stocks and making money for now and go on to live life. Next is sex which ocuppy most of our life's interests.

Take a look at Edison's sex photos..they are fantastic. Famous singers and actresses completely naked and showing their performance and private parts in digital pictures!

Edison is a champion conquering females and ravaging them for fun, that's no doubt about it. Don't think so? You can try to take just a picture in the same pose if you can. He was able to compare how the different females tastelike by licking them of course. It's like eating difference dishes in a top class reaturant. That's what life is all about.

So buddy, taste life and live like a man should. If you and I do not, then all the money in this whole world is of no value. It' tasting the very best that life offers that you live for!

Think about it.