Saturday, March 28, 2009

1st Quarter Window Dressing

KLCI Daily Chart

Looks like KLCI is going to be moving between 830-930. My analysis after March 27, 2009 shows that the plantation sector will be the strongest sector:
Malaysia Longterm Midterm Shorterm
KLCI Down Down Neutral
Finance Down Down Neutral (+)
Construction Down Neutral (+) Up (+)
Plantation Down Neutral Up (+)
Property Down Down Neutral (+)
Mesdaq Down Down Neutral (+)
2nd Board Down Down Neutral (+)

For the rest of the world, Asian markets are stronger than Europe while US market continues to rebound. However, current upward movement, based on my opinion is not strong. This movement could be the 1st quarter window dressing. So, at any time, everything can come down quickly.

World Longterm Midterm Shorterm
S&P500 Down Neutral (+) Neutral
DJI Down Neutral (+) Neutral
NasdaqComp Down Neutral (+) Up (+)
Nikkei 225 Down Neutral (+) Up (+)
Kospi Down Neutral Up
SSECI Down Up (+) Up
HSI Down Neutral (+) Up (+)
TWII Down Neutral Up
STI Down Neutral (+) Up (+)
SENSEX Down Neutral (+) Up (+)
FTSE Down Down Neutral
DAX Down Down Neutral

Coming back to KLSE, the following warrants should be monitored closely as they are in the money and the mother share may move up some more:

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