Monday, April 20, 2009

Blog Plagiarism

I always have a disdain on plagiarism. When one is expressing his view, he should use his own words. If one need to lift whole sentences from another source, then reference must be given. Credit must be given where it is expected.

So, why do I mention this? Have you read Don't Marry An Economist! - The Trouble With Economists? Actually, Dali is taking a view against Paul Krugman! The 4 points given are Krugman's reasons to be cautious about the economy. Dali's own words are inserted between Krugman's arguments.

What I understand is that if you want to comment on other people's opinion, then you mark it clearly from where you are getting it from and put your comments after the source text. However, by inserting your text between the source, i.e. copying part of sentences, you are considered to have plagiarize the works of others. Boy oh boy, students copy, ex-investment banker also copy! Don't we have any honor anymore?

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