Thursday, December 30, 2010

KLCI End of Year Analysis

KLCI Monthly Chart

1500 is hard to crack. Monthly Stochastic has been in the overbought region throughout 2010! Monthly RSI also points to a overbought condition which usually means limited upside in the future. However, with money flooding into the system, the uptrend can be longer than anyone expected.

2011 theme should be inflation. To play the inflation theme, one must buy companies that are involved in producing the raw material such as mining and agriculture and avoid companies that deals with the end users. This is because it is easy for the producer to hike up prices to the manufacturers, but it is harder for the manufacturer to pass on the cost to the end consumers.

For the various Bursa Malaysia sectors, all had a good run in 2010, but now look toppish. They look like in distribution mode for the pass month and two. So, sell into strength because the market cannot always go up.

Sector summary:
Malaysia Monthly Weekly Daily
Finance Up Up Up
Construction Up Up Neutral (-)
Plantation Up Up Up
Property Up Up Up

Concerning IJM/IJMLand, someone really has inside information that cause the great plunge. SC should investigate. The suspension should have started before the trading days begins, not at 12pm. Anyhow, stock trading is always an unfair game, so just keep that in mind.

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