Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Bullish or Bullshit?

More and more people are in the bull camp. Analyst are competing among themselves to predict the year-end target. Be careful with their prediction. One cannot predict any point in the chart. It is as good as throwing darts. If you believe in their prediction, than you are sucker. They always give a reason to you to buy because they need to unload their investment to you. Remember, the same people who is giving sunny picture is also working in the same firm that also manages money for other people. Prices need to be pushed up to generate profit.

For me, I don't believe that all is well in this country or this world. There are still too much debt that needs to be repaid. Growth that is generated through debt is just an illusion. Look at KNM that fell down from the sky (now has recovered back).

2011 theme is inflation if the the Fed gives on pumping money. If they don't, then we will go into another recession. Keep an eye on the price of crude oil, if it is too high, then growth will be curtailed.

I have not been trading since the last trading day of 2010. Just sitting on my position. Some worked, some didn't. On average, oklar.

Now, I don't think that I need to highlight any stock. Everything is flying. Everyone is a genius now.

If you are curious about my holding, then I don't mind telling you: IJM, IJMLand, E&O, Gamuda, YTLPowr, IOICorp, MHB, UMW and Axiata.

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jeremy tan said...

Sadly to say, i have to agree with you. What goes up will eventually come down.

I have been unloading for the past few days since everything is sky rocketing.

I do believe the plantation sector is doing well. However, financially speaking a lot of Malaysians are heavily leveraged into properties. All these debts are accumulated over time. All it takes is foreclosure and things will start to crumble.

Unloaded UEM Land today. Unloaded IJM Corp. Unloaded SP Setia warrants.

I am holding KSL, TM , KFC , Hap Seng