Thursday, September 08, 2011

I'm back! I've been liquidating my portfolio since my last post. Any new trades are all resulted in losses. I'm pretty busy with my own business. Lots of Web development.

The result of my work? Please visit, it's a Internet Yellowpages kind of business for Malaysia (currently). Give it a try. You can find banks, fast food restaurant, petrol station (Petronas, NGV stations, no Shell and Caltex yet), free WiFi (Penang free wifi etc), hospital, clinics, credit card offers (currently CIMB and Citibank, a bit outdated though).

Search is much better than existing engines, try searching 'restaurant' in Mid Valley. You can use postcode, area name (i.e. OUG), building name (i.e. Suria KLCC) in the location box.

For mobile, you can go to, if your phone has a GPS, you can try finding directions (we do not store your GPS coordinate, if you are concern about your privacy) If you don't like the suggested route, you can change it. Additionally, you can see the turn by turn instruction on the map itself. Unfortunately, it is not like a dedicated GPS device. No voice instruction.

Best of all, it works with English, Malay and Chinese! It should consistently shows the same result no matter the language you used (i.e. clinic, klinik or 诊所). If you like, please spread the news :)

Why did I launch This is because of my frustration of existing search engine. All the existing yellowpages search (don't want to name names here) just give me junk result. Trying search for Klang and you get the result for the whole of Klang valley! This means information overload.

So fellow readers, please test drive Try the following:
1. Starbucks at Klang vs Starbucks at Klang Valley, you will be surprise :)
2. Free wifi at Penang
3. Petronas NGV in KL (short form for Kuala Lumpur)

Of course is still new, the database is still new. We don't have everything yet, but with your help, we can. I hope that you all can make this a success. means saving you time and money. Search must return correct result in the shortest time.

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