Saturday, March 26, 2005

Web Forum Shutdown

First it was going down. Now it is IVAdvisor. Most probably the SC is shutting down these websites. I wonder when will be pasarklse turn? Now my source of real information is all gone. You just can't trust the advice given by brokerage firm. What they say will most probably wrong 80% of the time. You buy, they throw to you. And you get caught with your money inside, failing to cut lost, you will die surely.

I'm quite good at reading the signals already. That's the easy part. Planning the trade, that is the toughest thing to do. When to enter...when to cut much one should chase the price with a safety margin...that is not easy. I seldom follow the buy call given in forums, I just use it to determine what is hot and what is cold. Trust no one but yourself. That's why stock education is very important. With it, you will increase your probability of winning. Without it, you will forever following the crowd. I'm currently reading "Market Trading Tactics" by Daryl Guppy. It was given to me by my girlfriend for my birthday. I guess she knows that the more I win, the more she can spend :p.

I hope the websites are up soon. Without it, life feels so lonely. There will be no connections with other traders.

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