Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Work and Trading

A lot of work pressure today. Seems not able to concentrate on the market. This is affecting my trading.

Avenue: Queued in the morning at 0.70 to sell my Avenue. Seems like going to drop under the support. Didn't get the chance to sell. In ther afternoon, I just didn't execute it. Why should I sell at the support and not at the resistance? So hope throughout the afternoon that the support holds. Luckily still holds. Chart shows that it is still on uptrend after slight pullback.

Talam: Going lower. Alamak where is the buyers? Who is supporting at the last minute? Financial result will be announced soon. Good or bad?

Sapcres: Good result, no rally. Market sentiment really bad. Make a long-shadow hammer today. Most probably will go back to 1.04 support. I will try to sell off tomorrow to reduce my lost.

Sitatt: Never listen to rumour. That was what Jesse Livermore taught me. Someone will spread some rumour that a stock going to raise. From word of mouth, this will create the buy volume and then they will throw at you. Stupid counter, where is your MGO at 1.20? Anyhow, indicators shows that there will be a rally for this counter. Try to reduce my lost with this possible rally.

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