Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bursa Malaysia - The only red dot

Everyone green, but we are the only one with red. The easing of capital controls has pushes the index down further. Why invest in Malaysia when other places are cheaper? KLCI is heading into 850 level. That's the 66% retracement level. Break this and bye bye liao.

Talam: Alamak! Drop another 10 cents. Very oversold liao. Bursa's announcement shows that the Big Boss is buying back. Does this indicate something? Historically, 0.80 is a good support. Now let's hope that the sellers has run out of steam.

Talam-WA: Still holding this chap. Making new low but manage to close with a doji. A doji in an ovrsold market is a very strong signal. Very high chance of this stock moving up tomorrow. Rebound target is around 0.10.

Sapcres: Hmm....SapuraInd is buying back. Strong support during such bearish scenario. It is trying to inch up slowly. Must pay more attention at this stock. Any indication of rally - buy the warrant.

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