Monday, October 31, 2005

Oil & Gas Counters

I missed out the O&G rally two years ago. I was just starting to trade then. Never have the guts of chasing shares and was a believer of buying when the price was falling.

The world oil price is fluctuating around USD60. So what's up with our O&G counters?

KNM: Weekly chart shows that it is consolidating. Possible support at 3.00.
Perisai: Sideways.
Ramunia: This one I intepret it as end of bull-run and possibly into consolidation with downside bias. Maybe support at 1.00. It was unable to crack 1.25, forming a double top.
Sapcres: Slowly going down. Avoid!
Scomi: Slowly going down. Avoid!
ScomiMR: Downtrend share. Avoid!
Shell: Uptrend share. In consolidation now. Support at 10.00?
Sumatec: Slowly going down. Avoid!
TgOffs: Uptrend share. Slowly going up. Where can enter ler?
Waseong: Sideways.
Oilcorp: This one oil or fish-oil counter? Anyhow, this one got potential. Currently in consolidation and trading near the possible support of 0.66.

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