Wednesday, October 05, 2005

RHB, Carotech, Timecom, MTDInfr-WA

RHB: Finish exiting from RHB, maybe prolong consolidation now? I don't now. Only gain 10% profit. So miserable. Need to fine tune my profit taking strategy. Still looking for the right answer.
Entry: 0.595, 0.645, 0.715 and 0.905
Exit: 0.79, 0.775, 0.825

Carotech: Okie, trying out my new profit taking strategy with this counter. Weekly and daily RSI all overbought. Will it be pushed above 0.70? If I am right, maybe wave 5 has terminated at 0.69. That's why I took partial profit. I'm not so sure yet. May have to exit completely if it cannot overcome 0.70. But will not add in any more positions.
Entry: 0.395, 0.585, 0.63 and 0.675
Exit: 0.645

Timecom: Continuing the uptrend? Weekly RSI at 64, target 0.76? Play play a little bit. If up again, will add again.
Entry: 0.64

MTDInfr-WA: Still trading at a discount! Why? I think I know why: The Edge got it's exercise price wrong. They put 1.00, but in fact it is 0.80 after capital repayment at the end of 2003. Is it safe buying now? Hmmm....hard to say, MTDInfr looks like in consolidation mode now. Support maybe at 1.15, unless MTD keeps buying MTDInfr.
Entry: 0.285 (twice), 0.32 and 0.345 (twice)

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