Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bull vs Bear (20 Sept 2007)

Bull vs Bear

Not much change in the bears but the number of bulls are slowly creeping up. With the crude oil at around USD80.00, the golden oil producers has started to move. I only notice them today.

Weekly Plantation Index

The weekly plantation index chart shows that the consolidation is over. The main contributor is of course IOICorp. This is my opinion for counters with warrants/CW:
IOICorp: Long term uptrend. Trying to break 6.00. I will try to get into IOICorp-CE.
KLK: Long term uptrend. Broke out of consolidation. But does not fulfill my buy signal yet.
Kmloong: Long term uptrend. Still in correction.
Kretam: Long term uptrend. Within a clearly defined channel. Currently in base building.
Kulim: Long term uptrend. Still in correction.
SOP: Long term uptrend. Making an ascending triangle. Warrant is too expensive to play.

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