Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bull vs Bear (28 Sept 2007)

Bull vs Bear

Daily & weekly bulls up, bears down. Monthly numbers about the same. So, 3rd quarter window dressing is over. What's up next?

KLCI Weekly Chart

My interpretation: The weekly chart is pointing upwards. However, the strength is suspected as the MACD is still negative. I feel more comfortable when MACD is in the positive region.

Anyway, I won't be too concern with the subprime problem. So as long as the market is in play, we play along (as long as a proper stop can be found).

My other holdings of Malaysian counters:
- Perisai (could be a mistake in entering this one, O&G play still taking a rest?)
- Pohkong (not yet move at all. Another mistake? But last night I dreamed that it shoot up :p).

Finally, talking about window dressing, doesn't it strike a fear in you (for those that invest through a mutual fund) that a fund manager must resort to dressing up a share price to give you an illusion of good performance? Doesn't this be consider as cheating?

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