Friday, July 18, 2008

Suggestions for Bursa Malaysia

So, Bursa Malaysia's profit is down. What can I say? The market is not conductive for traders. We need to be able to make money when the market goes up or down. You need to implement an environment that encourages traders to be more active. Currently, many of your policies are not. You need to remember, with Internet, traders can trade any market in the world. The only thing stopping us is the time zone. You may ask why do you need to implement policies that favors traders? Because we dare to buy high and sell higher. Because we don't care the fundamental of any stock. We create activities that energize the market. Now, being a trader is not easy. Many of us starts from small. I can see that you and the brokerage industry got too greedy until you have kill the market itself. My suggestions are:
  1. Lower down brokerage fees: We need from small before going to big time. The current fee structure is too expensive for us. You want more fees or no fees at all?
  2. Free end-of-day data: Paying a year of subscription for new timers is too high. If we cannot learn the art of technical analysis, how are we going to trade?
  3. More sector indexes: Currently, there is no sector index for oil and gas, utilities, shipping, banks, brokerage, steel, retail etc. We need these to determine the hot sector for play. And made it free. Currently your FTSE-BM indexes are so hard to get. I have to manually download it from yahoo everyday.
  4. Allow put warrants: Yes, we want to play when the market goes down too. If you are scare of sell down on local stocks, then allow put warrants for foreign stock. What harm can we do on foreign stock?
So, either you innovate or perish. I don't understand how you all do business. So slow in providing new innovation. Do you have all yes man in your company?

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