Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blog War!

I do not understand why must these people fight on whether fundamental analysis or technical analysis is better (see Seng vs Sam). This is a useless activity. Everyone has their style of making money. There is no right or wrong method. It all works. The important thing is that you must find a method that suits your personality!

However, from my analysis from the post, I think it is not only about the techniques. It is also about egos, i.e. who is better? I feel that those two chaps are battling over their big ego that seems to be not able to exist together in the blog world.

For me, I read about macro economies but trade using technical analysis. If people come and say that technical analysis is useless, then it is better for me. I know my edge and if everyone trade using my method, then my technique will become less effective. It is not like I want to keep my technique secret because it is already out there in the books. It is not my job to convert you to my technique. You have a brain to think and to make your own decision. So, it is no point for me to defend myself. At the end of the trading day, only the number in my account matters.

So, if you two ever come to this blog, cool down man!

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