Saturday, June 05, 2010

World Market Weekly Summary

Even though Asian markets had a rebound, but the world is generally starting to break to the downside:

World Monthly Weekly Daily
S&P500 Neutral (-) Down Down
DJI Neutral (-) Down Down
NasdaqComp Up Down (-) Down
Nikkei 225 Down (-) Down Neutral (+)
Kospi Up Neutral (+) Neutral (+)
SSECI Down Down Down (-)
HSI Down (-) Down Neutral (+)
TWII Neutral (-) Down Neutral (+)
STI Up Down Neutral (+)
JKSE Up Neutral Neutral (+)
SENSEX Up Neutral (+) Neutral
AORD Down (-) Down Neutral
NZX50 Down (-) Down Down
FTSE Neutral (-) Down Neutral
DAX Up Neutral Neutral
RTSI Up Down Neutral (+)
Bovespa Neutral (-) Down Neutral

I saw another sign that things are worse than we know. The 1st sign was the ban of naked short selling by Germany. The 2nd one was when President Obama gave a speech to assure everyone that things are continuing to improve after the announcement of bad employment data. When politicians come out to calm our nerves, that means that we should run and hide.

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