Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Market Weekly Summary

It seems that the market is trying to find a new base. No strong trend for US. I think that China has found a temporary bottom. I think that the next selldown will start after the end of 2010 FIFA World Cup. What do you think?

World Monthly Weekly Daily
S&P500 Up (+) Down Neutral (+)
DJI Up (+) Down Neutral (+)
NasdaqComp Up Down Neutral (+)
Nikkei 225 Down Down Down (-)
Kospi Up Neutral Neutral
SSECI Down Down Neutral (+)
HSI Down Down Neutral
TWII Neutral Down Neutral
STI Up Down Neutral
JKSE Up Up (+) Neutral
SENSEX Up Neutral Neutral
AORD Down Down Neutral
NZX50 Down (-) Down Down
FTSE Neutral Down Neutral
DAX Up Up (+) Neutral
RTSI Up Down Neutral
Bovespa Neutral Down Neutral

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