Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Licking my wounds

Took two hits with my Kejora-WA and Talam-WA this week. These are counters that I'm trying to clear.

Warrants are good instrument to make great profits. The opposite is true also. You may think that you can make good money, so you choose a counter that is 2 years to death. But if your decision is wrong and you do not cut lost, then after 1 year, your warrant can become your expensive toilet paper.

If you want to play with warrants, make it a point of not holding for more than 1 month. If it doesn't move, most probably it won't. And always buy when you are pretty sure that it is a bull counter. You want to make the kill when it is moving and not sitting put. Don't make the mistakes that I have made. My first disaster with warrants was with Kulim-WA. I manage to recover most of it at the last minute with a slight lost. But I didn't learn my lesson. I forgot. I got greedy and now I have to suffer again.

So if you are wise, then learn from my mistakes. You can't affort to make it :p

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Jeffrey said...

Well said.

I'm lucky I managed to sell my Kejora warrants at the minimum gain before it slipped down..