Saturday, July 23, 2005

Soul Searching

In the past 1 month, I had some successfull trade and some disaster. I have used the 1-2-3 formations method but most of them gives false breakout. Why? Then I notice my mistake, the 1-2-3 formations are more reliable when used on weekly charts. Daily charts gave too much noise.

For the successful trades, I didn't get the full profit as I have excited too fast. Ex: Ramunia, I sold at 0.87 when it rallied to 1.10 before stopping.

So I keep thinking, what have I done wrong? I want a simple method, spend my time minimally, and earn obcense profit. So I went back to my charts and look for patterns. Reread the technical analysis notes. Look for repeated patterns that gives the highest probability. Sacrificing some profit for sure thing is better than losing your capital. From the patterns, I have created new rules, hopefully, I can earn more after KLSE breaks new high at 940.

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