Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More Young Bulls Counter

Everyone is expecting profit taking now. Nobody dares to buy when the risk is greater. The past week rally is all on Blue Chips. So called 2nd and 3rd liner all still stays in CI 600 price. Where are the retail investors?

Small gold nuggets from my list for this week:
FTEC (Very young, possible support at 0.24 for further uptrend)
L&G (Can collect some at <0.18, alternatively wait for breakout at 0.20)
Sumatec (Still struggling, can bottom fish, making an ascending trinagle? may shoot up when breaks 0.75)
TA (Overbought, at the higher end of uptrend channel, a little bit more to go?)
TA-WB (Laggard, possibly momentum ascellaration)

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