Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fear and Greed

RHB is in consolidating mode. I was tempted to lock it part of my profit in the morning. But greed stop me from doing it. As the price keeps drooping, I then fear the lost of my profit. Yes, in stock market, everyone is rule by greed and fear. Only the best are void of emotion. Anyhow, I did nothing today. Too busy with work and no time to monitor the market.

Only after the close of the market I can analyse logically my situation. Here are my analysis:
RHB: Moved up to much too fast, profit taking activity for 2 days already. Support should kick in at around 0.82 region.
MTDInfr-WA: Also too fast too much. The moving average needs to do some catch up before more up trust. I will only add into my position if it can move above 0.40. My only concern is that MTDInfr may be taking a rest after the short sprint.
Carotech: Movement linked to Hovid. This one U-turn very fast. I was not able to buy near the closing as I was busy with work. Will try to catch some tomorrow.

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