Thursday, September 08, 2005

Up up .....and away?

It finally came, the rebound. Oil drop with the release of 80 million barrels from the reserves. The index moved so much, many counters also move up, but mine are all staying put. So why? Is this just plain bad luck or bad choice of counters?

Anyway.....I have decided to not to monitor the counters too puts in too much emotion into my decision. I will base my decision on daily charts. That will be enough.

From the weekly chart, KLCI is still in bull and possibly in wave 5 (based on Elliot) Target should be higher than 960.

So, got more bullets? My last one was spent on Sunrise (read the recommendation by investsmart). Now I will have to get more bullets for mtdinfra-wa. Looks like mtdinfra going to break new high. mtdinfra-wa exercise price is only 0.80, when mtdinfra implements the capital repayment, it will be adjusted to 0.60. So, mtdinfra is in the money and mtdinfra-wa is trading almost without premium.

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