Thursday, September 15, 2005

Riding the wave!

I'm on RHB wave, entered at 0.595, 0.645 and 0.715 in 3 consecutive days. Just play small small only. My analysis says RHB is in wave 3.

I'm also in OSKVI at 0.135. Wave 3 not yet move.

Looking for possible entry at MTDInfra. This one puzzles me, the mother is moving but not the son.

Hovid is moving, so is Carotec. I was in Carotec long time ago before I got "enlightenment". Looks like it is in wave 1 only. Wait for correction for the super-duper wave 3.

Landmarks moved today. I was not it.

KNM, Sugar and Pantai rallied quite a lot already. I feel uncomfortable to chase them.

UBS, Affin and Puncak should be moving soon kua.

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