Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Feeling Regret

And so the market moves up again. Feeling regret now for the counters that I have sold earlier. I really didn't expect the market can move without any rest. I guess that when it do, I will definitely caught with my pants down.

In Nov/Dec, I thought that earning 100% gain is very good. Now, looking back, if I did nothing, it would have been 300 or 400%.

So what Jessie Livermore said is true: Big money comes with sitting tight and doing nothing (something like that).

No point changing from one counter to another to try to catch all the trends. It is just impossible.

Oh well, another lesson learned. Time to move on again.

Anyway, looks like we are heading to 1200. I read it somewhere that round numbers always serve as a natural resistance. Will this be the one? Or the foreign money keep pushing?


Anonymous said...

Can you list the counters you are still holding. Thanks.

michael2005 said...

you are welcome to join me and my great postings.

To Learn said...

i do interest on the question on 24 Jan too, could you please let us know your counters?