Friday, January 05, 2007

Sanichi, Notion, Mems, BCTTech

Some Mesdaq industrial counters that I hold:

Sanichi: Another buy signal, is it going to move this time? My friend is bored, I'm also bored but the waiting continues.

Notion: Bought this 10 months ago for its fundamental reasons. Long term trend is still up, waiting for it to break new high. Bumi issue in the planning, then transfer to main board. So got many "reasons" to push it up. Anyway, did you notice the increase in number of "advertisement" for this counter?

Mems: Promise of contracts never come. Kena tipu. Wait some more or move on? An ascending triangle in formation.

BCTTech: Bought this because it looks like it is going to make a wave 3. Weekly chart points up with increasing volume.

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