Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Push and Dump?

Why am I having this feeling that the stocks are pushed and dumped? Many stocks just go up for 1 day and then it started to drive slowly down. One day show. No continuing energy. This happens in rotation, from one group of counters to another new group.

What is happening?


Maxforce said...

Are you referring to:
Rotational play? This play is used to sustain the CI. Today push Counter A. Tomorrow dump Counter A, push Counter B. Retailers will jump into Counter A and help support it. This goes on in a rotation until more buying interests is generated. Quite common but not necessarily one day.

Or sudden spike then gone for caplang counters? Think that also very common. One spike, interest generated. Punters come only to be slammed with distribution. Quite common indeed. Sometimes the difficulty is knowing real genuine spike breakout movement and the fake ones.

Anonymous said...

our bursa is full of syndicates lah. yusli has given green light to syndicates to manipulate our market.

Anonymous said...

Yusli wants to increase our volume and retail participation so that our market velocity can be enhanced. More syndicate to goreng and earn retail player money~ Sigh~

Anonymous said...

if it's like that, Bursa (1818) should be a good counter to invest in la. With all these goreng activities going on, whoever make or lose money the exchange will always make money on fees. Damn good. Maybe Bursa shares also kena goreng :)

Anonymous said...

Tebrau will adjust to fundamental at RM6.75

Too good to be true ? Think again.

Tebrau has 1,012 acres of land at the prime location (next to water front & near the city) in the IDR.

Current book value for the land = RM 13.40 /sq ft

Current market value = RM 110 / sq ft

1,012 acres = 44,082,720 sq ft

Current market value of Tebrau land = 110 x 44,082,720 =RM 4,849,099,200

No. of Tebrau shares = 670,000,000

The adjusted NTA based on the new founded gold mine (IDR):
NTA/share = 4,849,099,200/670,000,000 = RM 7.20

RM 110/sq ft is based on the vacant land and the initial stage of the IDR launch.
As the land is being developed and the IDR picks up steam, as does the time required for the stock price to adjust, the unit rate of the land will increase easily 50% higher.

Therefore, projected NTA before general election = 7.20 x 1.5 = RM 10.80

Taking the average of current NTA and future NTA/share = (7.20+10.80)/2 = RM9.00

However, market price will adjust itself less than the NTA, around 75%.

Tebrau shares will adjust itself to the new fundamental at = 0.75 x 9.00 = RM 6.75

However, a euphoric speculative momentum will likely push it about 30% higher before it adjusts down to fundamental = 6.75 x 1.3 = RM 8.80

In conclusion, Tebrau shares will move from the current price of RM 1.68 to RM 8.80 before it corrects down and stabilise at RM 6.75 before the next general election.

In the meantime Elliot wave 5 has started which will take the index all the way to 1,600 where more retail players will enter the market, a repeat of the 1993 super run, and support Tebrau shares.

michael2005 said...

I haven't come knocking for awhile.
Dufu -- ready to go up soon...
Buy Dufu, you hear me. Swifz?

Anonymous said...

Hello anony, good analysis on tebrau. What's your email? I have some info.

Anonymous said...

Yusli turns our bursa malaysia into "Casino De Malaysia". Way to go Yusli! Soon it will be "Haram" to put money into bursa malaysia.