Monday, April 02, 2007

Awards & Dream

I'm thinking, every year, awards are giving to the best stock analyst, best unit trust, best of everthing etc. It's good to celebrate when ones call turns out to be making money. But why there are no awards given for worst call, worst unit trust, worst return etc?

Are the industry hoping that everyone will forget about their bad calls and sweep it under the carpet? If we know who is the best, we should have the right to know who is the worst, right?

Aha....I think the reason is because the brokerage/stock market industry wants to sell us a dream. An illusion that this is the place to make money. But with equal number of bad apples going around, it is not easy. But nobody is telling you. Either you are the best, or you perish in this world. I wonder who are the people that consistently makes money.

Meanwhile, I'm still holding on to my dream.

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Anonymous said...

People refused to accept the plain truth of the market, thus, "those who know don't talk, those who talk don't know".