Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Why do we fear? Fear comes due to the lack of knowledge.

When I was small, I am scare of the dark. I am scared that something may jump out from the dark. I am scared because I don't know what is there lurking in the dark.

When you see a tiger, why do you fear? Do you fear because it can eat you? No, you fear because you know that you can't do anything to prevent the tiger from eating you. You fear because you cannot defend yourself.

Why do some people get butterflies before the exam but others just act normally? The former because lack of preparation but the later has prepared well.

We fear because we don't have the information that will erase our fear.

Can we erase our fear? Yes and no. You cannot erase your fear if you are lazy to seek the answer of your fear. You cannot erase your fear if you do not accept the answer to your fear.

You will be able to erase your fear when you seek and accept the answer to your fear.

Why do you think that playing CWs are dangerous? Why do you fear it so much? Only 6 months of lifetime. The volatility? People has made lots of money from it, the opposite is also true. The difference between these two groups of people is that the former knows the rules of the game while the later knows nothing.

Nothing is free. You got to learn the rules of the game. You got to learn about yourself. Then only you will erase your fear.

When you have overcame your fear, you will look at those people that have the same fear when you were ignorant, you will smile to yourself and know that you have the edge against them in this game.

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