Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Trading CWs

So many CWs, will the quantity make it less valuable? My trade are all consist of CWs now. No more Mesdaq or penny shares. When the bulls come, it will be like heaven! Of course when the bears come, it will be like hell.

Anyway, my weekly filter says the following are bullish:
KLSE: Bjtoto, Bursa, IOICorp, Maybank, PBBank and TM
HKSE: MTR, Sinopec, Chmobil

I can't find an entry point for Bursa. Missed my chance, so I will forget about it. For Maybank, it has just come out of downtrend, so I will wait for the base building first before deciding on it. In IOICorp case, I sold out this one, and cannot find a good reentry point.

For the HKSE counters, I only like Sinopec as it gives the best signal among the 3. For MTR, the premium for the CW is quite high. No way I'm getting into it. MTR looks interesting and continues to go up. It is overbought, maybe I can still get into MTR-C1.

It's very volatile this few days, one day up, one day down. I think the best is to enter a little bit. You must realize, it's festivity time. When people are happy, they will be careless with their money and will end up with buy buy buy.

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Missed the boats said...

I accidentally came across your blog when I was searching for Bursa's online portfolio management services, etc. Still searching. Your picks on IOICorp and Maybank are coming true. I always watch from the sideline and never dare to enter with the uncertainties in the market. Terrible feeling, as if missed all the boats?? What say you?