Thursday, December 13, 2007

Whipsawed whipsawed again. The trends that I was hoping to be strong crumbled. The profit that I had vanished. Some turned into losses.

The correction in HK is still continuing. I was hoping that it will built a base at 28k but now it seems that it is going to 25.5k. I wonder why HK always have a sudden drop after lunch time. Is it because the people over there had a heavy lunch and felt drowsy? Is it because the Europeans just woke up and started selling? I wonder why.

Shanghai looks like it is going to break 4.9k, well if that happens, there is no more uptrendline to support it!

For KLCI, I think that as long as it is above 1380, we can still hope for some rally (CNY? Election?) Can we?


Anonymous said...

Market start tumbling after lunch because our PM issued ISA lunch time. 13/12/07 the darkest day of modern Malaysia. 13/12/07 the day our PM became dictator.

Ah Kiong said...

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