Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Balance Budget

2010 budget passed with razor thin majority of 65-63?

I came across this graph that shows the budget as a percentage of the GDP.

We can see that we are in a bad situation (far right of the graph). In my opinion, this shows that our economy is badly managed. With oil money, we still manage to do badly. Where has the money gone to?

In 2 more years (or less), we shall be going to the polls. I know what I need to do. A balanced budget can only be achieved when we efficiently make use of our limited money. That means no corruption, no over paying and no favoritism.

If we continue this destructive path, we shall saddle our children with a debt that they cannot pay. You need to decide on what action you are going to take now because the consequence of making the wrong choice will take many generations to correct.

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