Monday, December 28, 2009

New Call Warrants

6 new call warrants from CIMB will be listed on 29 Dec 2009:
New Warrants Expiration Type Ex Price Ratio
CAPLAND-C2 15/04/2011 Call SGD 4.1000 12 : 1
WILMAR-C3 15/04/2011 Call SGD 6.0000 25 : 1
TANJONG-CA 15/04/2011 Call MYR 15.0000 20 : 1
HLBANK-CA 15/04/2011 Call MYR 8.0000 8 : 1
GAMUDA-CK 15/04/2011 Call MYR 2.5500 3 : 1
CHLIFE-C6 15/04/2011 Call HKD 39.5000 20 : 1

I wonder why CIMB still refused to issue any put warrants. Any insider stories?

Anyhow, you can get this update done for you automatically by using my Bursa Malaysia Warrant Calculator.


IjanMaster said...

You wonder why? As simple as, CIMB sees the market is going up. Dont you think?

If they issue PUT warrants, they simply cannot sell the warrants, there's no taker. Who wants to sell a product that has no buyer?

swifz said...

I don't think so. Some of their call warrants are so thinly traded. Furthermore, their objectives are always opposite of the buyers.

If I'm them, I will sell a lot of call warrants during a topping process. Buyers is willing to buy because buyers believe that their call warrant will go up higher. The sellers believes that it will expired worthless.

Therefore, I believed that your argument is flawed.