Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bad Trading Platform

Boy oh boy. Just getting familiar with this CIMB invest trading platform. I have experience in using N2N and PBank trading platform. Speed wise, PBank is the fastest. I guess the use of active-x technology is the main reason of the speed. The disadvantage is that your favorite list only exist in the computer that you installed the PBank platform.

In contrast to N2N (used by Kenanga, JFApex, CIMB itrade), your favorite list is stored in a centralized server. As it uses Java technology, the loading time will be a problem if you have a slow connection. Furthermore, Java is slower than active-x. Therefore, you need a more powerful computer to get an acceptable speed. Even though it is Java, some how, N2N requires you to use Internet Explorer to run it. I'm not a fan of IE, I'm a Firefox user and hope that something can be done about this. One thing that I don't like about N2N platform is the moving tickers. I prefer not to have them because it serves no purpose. Since I have no use for it, I feel that it is a waste of computing power to have a moving ticker.

The worst platform in my opinion is the one from CIMB invest (the platform you use for overseas trading). I think that it is from CIMB-GK. The Java platform is the worst programming I have encounter. When you search for a stock, the whole Java needs to reload. Terrible. In addition to that, the Watchlist can make you pull-out all your hair. Very lousy. Very not user friendly. I'm really surprised that CIMB uses such a lousy platform. I mean, CIMB is one of the premier bank in Malaysia but they employed the worst trading platform that a investor/trader can get.

Now, I'm stuck with CIMB invest. As I'm busy with trading now, I guess that I just have to bare with it. When markets have calm down, I think that I will go out looking for a new one for my HK and SG share trading.


IjanMaster said...

I agree with you that N2N platform is the worst platform of 2 (we only have N2N and excelforce).

I prefer active-x based platform. I agree with you the CIMB needs to change on the stock trading platform.

Why dont you make a poll which trading platform is better..


swifz said...

Good suggestion. However, I'm not sure what other trading platforms exist. I think OSK have their own platform. What about the others?