Thursday, January 21, 2010

Poll Result: Investor/Trader Age

Datuk Yusli is right! There are not enough young investors to replace the old and dead investors. But I think this is not a serious issue. Where can you find money when you are just working, dating, clubbing etc. You need money to buy car, house, iPhone etc. Generally, these are the desires for those in the 20s. I think that after they passed the 30 line, they are more stable with extra cash to invest. That is why the 30s age group has the highest number of investors.

However, if you start after 30, then you cannot afford to make big mistakes in your investment because you usually have a lot of fixed commitments (housing loan, insurance, children etc). This means that you need to be more conservative, therefore reducing your overall return.

So, in my opinion, start young. It is not the amount that you invest. It is the experience that you gained that is more valuable.

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