Thursday, January 21, 2010

Poll: N2N platform

I'm not a fan of N2N trading platform due to its slow user response and not so user friendly interface. If you are using N2N platform to trade (i.e. from Kenanga, JFApex, CIMB etc), how would you rate it generally? Please click on the answer on the left bar of this blog.


Resonanz in Stock said...

alliance's screen format is nice and user-friendly and also can track all online transactions ...but their system is unreliable and sometimes not working during trading hours. I've been using it for years ....hope they can improve more ... ....cimb's i-trade is not good at all

Hairul said...

i'm using cimb Itrade. My comment is - the N2N system is dated..! they try to update to the new one.., but the new trading platform is full of bug.., and the buy and sell box is so blant - you don't know how much stock you have.. you don't know how much you make profit or loss.. so most ppl back to use the old one. BAD.. , I saw some friends demo on RHB online trading system - can do analysis real-time (MACD, volume, charting all in realtime,) So you can make decision at anytime of the day.. without having to wait EOD.