Monday, February 08, 2010

Bursa Malaysia Weekly Summary

FBM KLCI Weekly Chart

Looks like a correction is underway. As I'm trading warrants mostly, I have no choice but to liquidate every warrant positions. Can't afford to wait for my call warrants to show positive or more profit. Time is not behind me. Every rebound towards 1300 only means liquidation action. Looking for the right time to get into put warrants. Currently, it is still too early to play bearish position. Market is making a correction and not making a big plunge like 2009....yet. I guess that there will be no ang pow for me this coming CNY.

Sector summary:
Malaysia Monthly Weekly Daily
FBM KLCI Up Neutral (-) Down (-)
Finance Up Neutral (-) Neutral
Construction Up Neutral (-) Neutral
Plantation Up Neutral Down (-)
Property Up Neutral Neutral

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