Sunday, May 09, 2010

Malaysia's Moral Police

Every month, I always looked forward in receiving my issue of National Geographic Magazine. I just like the fantastic photos that shows the nature and culture around the world. However, once in a while, our moral police do not approve of its content. I do not know which specific ministry that is responsible in determine what is morally acceptable to Malaysian. However, I will call them PCTK for Pasukan Conteng Tetek & Konek.

The job scope of PCTK is to ensure that matured Malaysian are not exposed to sexually explicit content that will corrupt their mind. The following photos from my March 2010 issue of National Geographic Magazine are examples of what will happen when PCTK finds that your magazine contains T&K.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 1 shows a young Kara woman from the Omo tribe of Ethiopia trying to decide whether to wear a bra with her traditional costume. Are you sexually arouse?

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 2 shows that little children penis is a no-no too. Maybe some of you will become a pedophile if you are exposed to this. Is this a sexual content? Anyway, PCTK missed out the woman in the centre. You can clearly see her breast.

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 3 shows that PCTK has black-out this well-built young man's penis. Every man has a penis, it seems that PCTK wants to deny that there is one.

Exhibit 4

Can't show you this penis too.

Exhibit 5

No boobies of Kara women dancing. Is this very sexually arousing? Are you "playing" with yourself now?

Why is it that PCTK view these photos from a sexual angle? If your mind is dirty, then you will view anything from a dirty angle. These photos are just showing the way of life of a tribe in Ethiopia. I strongly believe there is nothing sexual about them. Furthermore, these photos are from a world renowned magazine. It is not from Playboy or some pornographic magazine. If a parent objects to these photos, then it should be up to the parents to take the appropriate action (i.e. blank it out like PCTK). However, I don't think that you can apply a general action to cover the whole range of audience.

I am very angry with what the Malaysian government (PCTK) has done to my collection of National Geographic Magazine. I am a mature adult that just do not want someone to tell me what I can or cannot see.

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