Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toll Subsidy?

Toll subsidy? Er? Dud, you don't know how to negotiate the contract. You got shafted by the private sector. Now you are paying so that they don't increase the toll. Can you call this as a subsidy? You were an idiot during the negotiation table. Don't make us feel grateful because you are using our tax money to pay for your own mistakes.

If you want to stop paying for your mistake, then nationalized all the highways! It is time that the people stop getting shaft by the government because of the government incompetence. Let this B the N!

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UP41 said...

The rule of the game is that the RM is going to Plus or whatnot then from these go to you know who lah!! It is no mistake lah !

Anyone who has some common sense can tell you that since government control Plus via all the khazanah etc, the government could change the directors who refuse to cancel the Toll Contracts with the government. The government could always absorb the loan repayments to the banks that provide the initial funds, There is not a single sen of compensation is required. A lot bull S.