Monday, July 26, 2010

Bursa Malaysia Weekly Summary

KLCI Weekly Chart

Still going up. Not overbought yet.
Construction Index Weekly Chart

Construction could be the next hot sector. Breakout from a 11 months resistance line!

Ok, I got this feeling that I'm missing out on this train. Oosh! When one believe in the bad fundamentals, it is hard to put in money into the market. I cannot believe that the investors can be fooled twice on this stress test thingy. I guess that as long as no one panic, the valuation can still be fantasized. CRE did not collapse. Dollar did not collapse. Inflation is still mild based on official statistics. China property did not collapse. My investment strategy is based on these events and it is painful if one missed out the so called bull market rally.

Malaysia Monthly Weekly Daily
Finance Up Up Up
Construction Up Up Up
Plantation Up Up (+) Up
Property Up Up Up

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