Monday, November 15, 2010

EPF & Plus

I think that most of you all cheered when EPF & Khazanah decided to buy Plus. No more toll hike?

For me, my first reaction was: "There goes my EPF savings"!

Remember Timecom? Well Plus will be the next Timecom for EPF.

My main reason of opposing the buying of Plus is due to my belief of Peak Oil. When oil prices goes higher, do you think there will be any more cars left on the road? There will be less toll to collect for EPF. Therefore, Plus will become a bad investment for EPF & Khazanah.

For this, I'm also bearish on the auto sector, but bullish on companies that makes buses and trains.

By the way, the owners of Plus are very smart people. Somehow, they manage to unload Plus to the EPF contributors and the people of Malaysia. Most importantly, they manage to spin that this is a good investment for EPF.

To the EPF board, suckers!


Kris said...

IMHO, Malaysia is not like the US, where Americans like to travel around by driving long distances during the summer breaks.

People just use buses, if they need to travel or just use Airasia. But most people will travel using their own car for safety reasons. I assume most PLUS earnings will come from goods transportation. There are places that you cannot avoid paying toll such as to and fro to working places, especially in KL.



swifz said...

Don't you know that transport vehicles exchange toll tickets to reduce their toll?

stock-watch123 said...

Mind to link exchange? ur's already in my blog. thanks

swifz said...