Sunday, November 14, 2010

Q&A: Proton, SPSetia, Parkson

What do you think of Proton-CF? the gearing is quite high at 8.76 albeit at slightly higher premium of 11%. 

How about SPSETIA-WB?

Parkson call warrant is really interesting... at > 8 gearing...


Proton: May have broken out of 13 years downtrend but weekly chart shows that consolidation is ahead. Proton-CF premium is high for my standard. Additionally, the warrant is making a lower low. I won't touch Proton at this moment. 

SPSetia has had a good run. It should be consolidating it's gain now. Look for base building process at around 4.90.

Parkson: Must not break 5.75. If it does, previous analysis is all wrong. Wait for better signal before trading the warrants. 

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