Monday, November 15, 2010

Invest In Uranium

Besides gold, silver and platinum, I also have uranium in my foreign portfolio (through CCJ).

Why uranium? Read this.

By the way, I'm against a nuclear power plant in Malaysia because:
1. Nuclear waste needs to be stored in a secure place, where can we find one in Malaysia?
2. There is not enough nuclear fuel to go around, price will have to go higher than today's price to satisfied everyone's demand (this will invalidate the main reason of having a nuclear plant).
3. With our government modus operandi of awarding contracts, I expect that the main contractor would have gotten 10% by just subcontracting the work out. So if the nuclear plant cost USD3 billion, USD300 million (or MYR900 million) would have gone into some well connected person bank account.


hkloon said...

When you long in silver, platinum and uranium, do you purchase its options or the ETFs itself?

James said...

Hi, what other US stocks in your foreign portfolio? I have US bio stocks such AEZS, YMI, AEN.

swifz said...

ETF or mining companies.

Long in HL, CCJ, PLG, SLV DGP, BDD, TGB, DAG, ERX, JO, NG, PQ, UNG (this one die)