Thursday, February 01, 2007

Astro & Oilcorp

Market is no good for the 2nd liners and below. Blue chips still moving.

A few penny shares of mine has been hit. Changing a few counters.

Titan is not working well. The gap up was completely covered. A check with Bursa's website shows that PNB is the main seller.

Last week, I have bought into Astro-CB. Astro looks like on the verge of moving. When will the investor "rerate" Astro? Will try to get more if Astro starts to move because the potential for gain in Astro-CB is huge.

I also bought Oilcorp. The first time I played this counter is last year. Currently, the weekly chart shows that it got potential. Not sure whether it will be pushed up again. Bought this counter hoping the O&G play will start soon.

Still holding BCTTech and Sanichi. BCTTech has not covered its gap. Will it?

Masteel is good to me. I'm waiting for the next signal to add. It's in consolidation now.


Anonymous said...

Read from blogs that SANICHI's plant in Johor affected by recent flood. Is it true? Please confirm.

Anonymous said...

wah lau eh your sanichi fly woh